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Issue #107: Green Tea Season 2023 Has Arrived!
May 06, 2023

Solving Problems Every Tea Drinker Faces

6 May 2023
Issue #107: Green Tea Season 2023 Has Arrived!


>> Green Tea 2023 Season Has Arrived!
>> I Need Your Feedback!

To my dearest tea friends worldwide, my salute as we enter spring time 2023! Yes, it is green tea season 2023 all over again and almost every white and green tea have been restocked in Amazing Green Tea.

Fancy the tenderest, freshest tea buds from the most pristine tea gardens in the world? What's more, we have mostly maintained our low prices for yet another year!

So, which tea is outstanding this year?

We currently stock tiny quantity of Jipin grade green teas and both Mengding Ganlu and Taiping Houkui are simply mesmerizing beautiful this year.

For something truly soothing coupled with mental focus and clarity, nothing beat Anji Baicha due to its high theanine content. I recently tested it on a couple of colleagues and they were astounded just how powerfully refreshing green tea is. Mind you - I was treating them with a 2021 harvest!

The word 'Bai' means white and theanine is indeed white in color. This, of course, also applies to our fist day harvest, highest quality white tea in the world: Baihao Yinzhen.

All these, of course, are extremely rare teas and more of a special treat from time to time. For more of an everyday cup of tea, I will recommend the Tribute Longing B grade and Liuan Guapian.

(Mind you, our Longjing actually goes to the Chinese White House ...)

Those going for super value might want to look at Maofeng A grade and another best seller of ours this Golden Needle King jasmine scented green tea.

What about shipping times? You might ask.

While the rest of the world has gone back to normality for sometimes now, China has only lifted their strict quarantine requirements at the start of the year and fully re-open a couple of months ago.

In other words, we expect much more flights and shipping times to resume normality going forward. Check out our latest shipping policy here:

Shipping Time

Any further questions? Simply reply to this email and I will get back to you!

I Need Your Feedback!
We have nearly 800 customer reviews in the tea shop. You'll find them in the product pages. We are one happy tea community - but there is a problem.

That problem is me. Due to my lack of marketing, the business is running down and it could conceivably shut in a few years' time. I'll do my best to keep it going, offering more and better teas at reasonable prices, but I need your help!

If you are (or not) happy with my teas, why not take a minute to post your feedback to

It currently has a few feedback and only you can help me change that.

By providing me with your feedback, you can help revitalize this tea shop and help us continue to good work.

Any thoughts on this matter? Reply to this email or drop me a line in our Facebook page!

Amazing Green Tea Facebook

Julian Tai

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