Bulk Tea Store

Who Are We?

Amazing-Green-Tea.com specializes in teas produced from the most sought-after locations in China, and from there, the cream of the crop - high grades that seldom make it to the West. We work solely with tea gardens and locals who know their teas inside out.

We are a small team. I am primarily based in the United Kingdom. My partner is in China. He's responsible for the sourcing and warehousing.

Why Work With Us?

The finest Chinese tea is usually found in areas of natural scenic beauty with long history of tea-making. In these areas, productions are dominated by small tea gardens. Finding them can be tricky. Avalanche of highly profitable fakes does not help either.

Some Western vendors cut out the middlemen and work with these tea gardens directly. This approach pays rich dividends. The challenge is to find someone reliable to deal with. It's not uncommon for tea gardens to take advantage of visitors.

As you may have already noticed, tea growers are seldom tea-sellers. The best tea-sellers are usually a local with expert knowledge, preferably with family connections to the growers. They get the best price. They’re too passionately proud of their teas to dilute it.

We have gone through the process of finding them in the few tea gardens that we represent. We’ve tested the quality of our tea in the online store. We keep our profits and expenses to the lowest.

Amazing-Green-Tea Store

We maintain an online store. It gives us first-hand feedback on the quality of our tea gardens from a wide range of drinkers. Many of our customers are experienced. They have tried teas from different vendors. A small number of them are proficient. You can read their feedback to get a feel of the quality of our tea we are representing.

Our objectives are aligned to the tea gardens. We aim to move as much tea as possible. We can guarantee that the quality of the bulk tea is as good as the tea sold through our online store.

These really special teas are only available in small quantity. The Store sells an even smaller quantity. To make the tea garden happy, we’d love to work with a few vendors who can move the tea more quickly.

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Bulk Store Policy

Requesting Samples

Given that our teas are very expensive, we do not give out free samples. They are available for order from our online store. All purchases are covered under our 30-day Money-Back-Guarantee.

If you like smaller samples than those available from the Store, please contact us.

Minimum Order and Pricing

Bulk prices are available for a minimum order of 1 kilogram. Our price is set as the tea garden prices + transaction costs + 10% profits. They do not include freight, shipping and insurance.

If you like to buy tea in smaller quantity, visit our online store. Discounts are available for 250 grams.

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Tribute Dragon Well Tea

We currently represent Liu's tea garden in the Weng village of West Lake, Hangzhou. It’s an authentic Shifeng or Lion Peak Xihu Longjing tea. Shifeng Longjing tea has always been acknowledged by Chinese tea experts to be the top variety of Longjing tea.

The tea garden is situated in the middle of the Lion Peak Mountain. It is a tribute tea garden because it supplies the Chinese White House, Zhong Nan Hai. It’s not certified organic, but no pesticides or chemicals are used. The White House conducts chemical tests regularly, the tea garden is too willing to comply.

Anti-fake certificate is available upon request.

For further information about Longjing tea, please visit

Dragon Well Tea – A Complete Guide

For further information about the tribute tea garden, please visit

Tribute Dragon Well Tea

The tea garden divides the tea into 7 grades, 4 of which are of Pre-Ming quality.

GradePicking DatePrice ex Delivery($)/kilogram
Ji Pin10 to 11 March 2007550
AAA12 to 15 March 2007310
AA16 to 24 March 2007250
A25 to 31 March 2007220

Competitor Analysis

Western vendors are already selling the Lion Peak Longjing tea online. The two most credible competitors are teaspring.com and sevencups.com.

Teaspring obtains their tea from one of the “production companies” from West Lake. The company does not own the tea gardens. They buy tea from the garden, filter, grade, package and sell it.

The company tends to source their tea from a variety of tea gardens from the region. A tea garden at the bottom of the hill will generally be less valuable than one on top.

Teaspring sells the top grade at US$52.90 per 50 grams.

Sevencups obtains their tea directly from also a tribute tea garden in the same village. I expect their quality to be similar or better than ours, although personally I find it hard to believe that a 70-year-old is able to undertake tea-roasting himself.
Sevencups sells at US$72.90 per 50 grams.


We’d be happy to airmail or seamail the tea. Roughly speaking, airmail costs about $6 per small parcel (up to 1.5 kilogram) plus $3.00 per 100 grams.

If you like further information on the shipping costs, you can visit Yunnan Sourcing ebay pages for a rough guide.

Any questions? Contact us.