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How to Make Green Tea
September 08, 2009


Solving Problems Every Tea Drinker Faces

8 September 2009 Issue #27:


>> How to make green tea
>> Clay Tea pot update
>> Readers Q&A

I have recently researched into Japanese tea, and in the process, discovered a few things about Chinese green tea.

(We can talk about Japanese green tea in November.)

One important lesson I learnt is brewing.

How do you steep a great cup of tea?

As you may be aware, I don't give precise instructions. I tend to give fairly broad guidelines.

It was only last week that I finally understand why. Chinese green teas are really easy to brew. This has to do with most of them being pan-roasted rather than steamed.

Also the teas I sell are very high grade. Every green tea I sell, from $5 to $50, you can see distinct buds and tippy leaves, not the broken and mature leaves you see of Japanese tea.

I have been using boiling water, and get away with it :).

Yes, they look good, taste good, and feel good.

How do you brew them?

So here is the clue - they look good. You want to brew them in a glass container to admire the beautiful leaves.

(If you have nothing, a wine glass is a good starting point.)

They taste good - so good in fact that you can infuse the leaves several times - and still enjoy the green and fresh flavors, with full body and long aftertaste.

(That is value of money.)

They feel good. You don't have to run around finding hot water to boil. Take it easy.

Just boil the water in a kettle, pour into a thermos, then refill your glass when you need to.

If you like, get yourself another cup or bowl (white in the inside best) to pour once the leaves have steeped.

The white inside allows you to admire the yellowish-green liquor. For a high grade, they are a beauty to behold, with clear, creamy texture like a wine.

For further (much detailed information), check out this brewing guide.

How To Make Green Tea - Brewing Secrets FAQ Guide

Until next time.


Julian Tai

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A subscriber has recently asked if I sell clay tea pot.

The answer is yes, as HQ maintained over 20 tea pots and we have very good knowledge of Chinese Yixing.

We are happy we can offer handmade clay pot of value and quality. We also plan to ship them by air courier.

As a special thank you, this subscriber will get special rebate when the tea pots are launched i next issue.

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