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Newsletter #7: Oolong Tea Pre-Launch Offer Begin!
November 07, 2007


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7 November 2007 Issue #7:

Tieguanyin Oolong Tea Pre-Launch Offer Begin!



The autumnal harvest is finally ready to ship!

The tea was picked as early as 5 October, with the leaves bruised and roasted, ready to go a week later.

The Launch was delayed due to a series of mishaps (laptop broke down because I spilled a glass of water, cash got rejected by a Chinese bank). So my sincerest apology for the 3 weeks delay.

So, what is the Pre-Launch Offer?

Amazing-Green-Tea is primarily an information site set up to give unbiased tea advice. The Tea Shop is really a labour love and passion where I share the highest grade tea at a friendly price.

With the Pre-Launch, you get to buy the 50-gram packets at up to 15% off the friendly price, plus my unique 60-day Satisfaction-Guarantee.

What's so special about this oolong tea?

It is made from the top 0.1% leaves from the most fragrant tea plant in the world - the Iron Goddess.

With oolong tea, durability increases with quality.

The top grade can last as many as 9 infusions using ordinary brewing method. So you may pay more for a higher grade, but the cost per cup stays roughly the same.

While green tea is refreshing to drink and a great energy booster, oolong tea does something different: it "dissolves" body fats. Scientific study has shown that it blocks fat absorption by increasing its excretion.

Perhaps it explains why in China, oolong tea tasters frequently eat high fat food to replace fat loss after tasting sessions?

Anxi Tieguanyin Oolong Tea (Iron Goddess) - Can You Taste The Champagne?

I hope you guys are all well. I will keep this issue short, as the next issue is just two weeks away...

>>Coming Next... Different Types Of Oolong Tea

Until next time,

Julian Tai

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Next Launch: April 2008: Taiping Houkui Green Tea

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