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Newsletter #62: Autumn Harvests Have Finally Arrived! (Triple Offers to End 30 November)
November 17, 2013


Solving Problems Every Tea Drinker Faces

17 November 2013 Issue #62:


>> Autumn Harvests Have Finally Arrived! (Triple Offers to End 30 November)

"Green tea for spring, white tea for summer, oolong tea for autumn, while red/black tea for winter!"

Long-time readers of this newsletter would have remembered the "Balancing the Four Season" article I wrote back in the January 2010 newsletter, which explained why we should diversify our tea intake and drink more of the darker teas in the colder seasons.

In addition, readers have also asked:

"Does tea quality vary with harvesting season?"

Yes it does. In Amazing Green Tea Shop, we sell only white tea and green tea harvested in spring, as they contain the highest concentration of antioxidants and theanine - compounds that are responsible for the refreshing and relaxing effect of lightly oxidized tea.

While spring tea has higher concentration of theanine, autumn tea has greater concentration of aromatic oils - very important for fragrant teas.

The good news is - of course - our autumn offerings have finally arrived!

- Phoenix Oolong Tea (Fenghuang Dancong) (Offer #1)

A newly launched tea - this Phoenix tea is of the Yulan Xiang variety and is more fragrant than the previous Huangzi Xiang variety. It is a new launch, so you get 15% off. Simply enter promotional code yulan during checkout. Or click on this link. Offer expires on 30 November.

- Iron Goddess Oolong Teas (Tieguanyin Wang)

Another major offering from our tea friend Shen, we sell a total of 10 grades of this most popular oolong tea in China.

The Mixed 5-in-1 grades contain a mixture of light to medium oxidized oolongs, as well as aged and roasted. This is a good tea to buy if you are an oolong newbie.

The King 5-in-1 grades are our highest quality oolong. Lasting 9 infusions, the fragrance is incredible exquisite and perfume-like.

- Jasmine Needle King AAA Grade (Moji Jinzhen)

If you are a jasmine tea fan, this AAA grade is not to be missed. One of our best-sellers, many customers have feedback she is the highest quality jasmine tea they have ever had, and the price unbelievable good value.

- Jasmine Pearls AAA Grade (Moli Fengyan)

Lower quality than the Needle King, this one is for Jasmine Pearls lovers. Compared to the Golden Needle King, she is relatively lightly scented. Pleasant to drink and easy to like, her body is rich with a slight astringency.

Offer #2: Silver Needle White Tea
In my previous newsletter, I explained why Silver Needle white tea is my No 1 recommended tea. The quality of the 2013 spring harvest is exceptional as we have switched to a new tea farm.

This year's AAA grade is harvested on the FIRST day of spring, making her the highest grade possible. Also, she is 100% sun-dried. To make the offer more exciting, I am adding her to the Pre-Launch list.

Offer #3: Free Worldwide Shipping
Finally, free shipping is currently available until the end of the month. Take advantage of it while it lasts!

To get 15% off, simply enter promotional code yulan during checkout. Or click on this link. Offer expires on 30 November.

I hope this helps? Any thoughts on this matter? Reply to this email!

Alternatively, you can leave a message in our Facebook page. We can discuss things further - over a cup of tea?

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Julian Tai

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