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Newsletter #29: Greatest Surprise of 2009
November 19, 2009


Solving Problems Every Tea Drinker Faces

19 November 2009 Issue #29:


>> Greatest Surprise of 2009
>> Unraveling Japanese Sencha Tea
>> Iron Goddess King Autumn Season Arrive!
>> Readers Q&A

For Chinese tea lovers worldwide, 2009 has been a special year.

It has not been widely understood, but the cold spell in 2009 in April/May has a beneficial effect on tea quality.

The cold weather results in the tea buds maturing more slowly. The harvest is smaller, but the quality higher.

If you are a drinker of Tribute Dragon Well tea A and B grade, you may have noticed that these grades offer much value of money this year.

The run-away success, of course, is the Huangshan Maofeng tea, currently selling for $5.5 per 50 grams.

When I tested it last week, I used 2 grams and it easily lasts five infusions.

The fragrance is delightful. While the body is rich and satisfying as an everyday tea.

I have so many customers raving about its value of money and surprising quality that I struggle to publish them - the page is going to get quite long!

(I hope to get them all in before Christmas.)

Encouraged by its runaway success, we are now Pre-Launching her younger sister - the AAA grade - at 15% time-limited offer.

As usual, delivery is FREE above $50. And if you order more than 250 grams, you get courier service for FREE. That means you can start tasting your tea in 7 to 10 days.

Huangshan Maofeng Organic (Yellow Mountain Tea) - Astonishing Quality and Value

Until next time.


Julian Tai

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Despite being the most frequently drunk and well-known of Japanese tea, this green tea is an enigma.

New to Japanese tea, I found it hard to pin down what exactly constitutes a sencha. The word literally means making a decoction of tea (as opposed to making a tea infusion).

It is a not associated with any single tea plant, any process, or any place of production. Yet it is everything - this tea makes up over 80% of production of Japanese tea. Its method forms the core of Japanese tea processing.

Sencha - An Enigma of Japanese Loose-Leaf Green Tea? ===============================================


Okay, here is the news.

For Shen's Tieguanyin tea drinkers out there, the autumn harvest has taken place around 15 October and we have now upgraded to the 2009 crop.

Having tested this tea this week, I continue to believe this is our best oolong tea offering. We currently offer 3 combo packages, but will move on to sell the 9 artisanal varieties individually later this year.

What's so good about Iron Goddess King? Let me introduce some of my favorites:

- Jade AA grade - at $10 per 49 grams, she is probably another best value everyday tea. Body is rich and fragrant with long aftertaste. Last 5 infusions.

If you like green tea or jasmine tea, you will like her.

- King 1 grade - What can I say?

This is the king of the Iron Goddess King, the highest quality king grade Shen produces. Unlike other fragrant Tieguanyin oolong, which have a orchid aroma, she has an Osmanthus aroma.

Amazing craftsmanship. Sensational experience. One to try after you have accumulated your experience on the lower grades. Take your time.

- Aged 5 Years. Roasted AAA grade. This one is my favorite. Take a high fragrant Tieguanyin tea and roast it like a Wuyi Rock tea, then age for another 5 years.

Incredible body and aroma. A killer combination. One to die for during a cold winter day.

(Forgive me for getting too excited about tea!)

Iron Goddess Tea - Shen's Tieguanyin Oolong

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I read somewhere that Tie Guan Yin manufacturers in China is making the tea more fragrant like the Taiwanese. Is this so?

Tie Guan Yin Tea - Traditional versus Fragrant

Japanese tea leaves tend to be more broken and fragmented. From my general readings, I think there are two aspects to this issue when making sencha tea.

Japanese Green Tea - Understanding the Broken and Fragmented Leaves

Julian, could you write something about the effect of tea according to Rational Chinese Medicine, especially with regards to the different types of teas.

Tea and Chinese Herbal Medicine

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