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Issue #106: Green Tea Season 2022 Has Arrived! (Offer Ending 31 May)
May 07, 2022

Solving Problems Every Tea Drinker Faces

7 May 2022
Issue #106: Green Tea Season 2022 Has Arrived!


>> Green Tea 2022 Season Has Arrived!
>> Three New Launches
>> I Need Your Feedback!

For my tea friends worldwide who have been waiting, green tea season 2022 is truly upon us! Almost every white and green tea have been restocked in Amazing Green Tea. What else, unlike other stuff in the real world, we have frozen our prices for yet another year, so you get highest quality, pristine tea buds at lowest possible prices.

And also ... you will find 2022 tea to be slightly higher quality than last year :) Nothing we have done, just a function of this year's weather.

As for shipping, it still takes time as China's lockdown is slowing everything down. I am guaranteeing delivery time of up to 14 weeks, but a lot of customers are getting parcels within 2 months, and we have hardly lost a single parcel last year.

There are three new tea launches this year, all of them are of the highest grade and are rarely available. We have covered Zhuyeqing and Mengding Ganlu couple of weeks ago. Both are first day harvests. The third new tea launch is this super delicious Taiping Houkui. It is truly stunning and you won't regret it.

You can now try any of these three teas for a 15% pre-Launch discount. Simply enter the promotional code Sichuan1 at checkout or click on the link below. Offer valid until 31 May 2022.

All we ask for when you have finished sampling this tea is to provide feedback so that other customers can benefit from your experience.

Amazing Green Tea Shop

I Need Your Feedback!
We have nearly 800 customer reviews in the tea shop. You'll find them in the product pages. We are one happy tea community - but there is a problem.

That problem is me. Due to my lack of marketing, the business is running down and it could conceivably shut in a few years' time. I'll do my best to keep it going, offering more and better teas at reasonable prices, but I need your help!

If you are (or not) happy with my teas, why not take a minute to post your feedback to

It currently has a few feedback and only you can help me change that.

By providing me with your feedback, you can help revitalize this tea shop and help us continue to good work.

Any thoughts on this matter? Reply to this email or drop me a line in our Facebook page!

Amazing Green Tea Facebook

Julian Tai

>> Feedback: Email

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