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Newsletter #72: Green Tea Weight Loss - What Do Scientific Studies Say?
May 17, 2015


Solving Problems Every Tea Drinker Faces

17 May 2015 Issue #72:


>> Green Tea Weight Loss - What Do Scientific Studies Say?
>> Perils of Drinking High Grade Green Tea
>> 2015 Green Tea Season Summarized!


During spring 2007, my friend and customer Ellen told me that drinking green tea has helped her shed 25 pounds in 6 months. Although I have drunk green tea for many years, and am aware of its slimming effect, I still can't helped being impressed. You can read how she did it here...

Green Tea Burns Calories - How I Lost 25 Pounds In 6 Months

Doesn’t that sound too easy? Or was it just a one off success? I was skeptical at first. So I delved into it, reading all the scientific studies that I could lay my hands on. Here are my findings. Enjoy.

Green Tea Weight Loss - 10 Important Facts To Avoid Being Ripped Off!

Perils of Drinking High Grade Green Tea

A customer once commented that I sell the most un-tea-like of green tea. The reason is simple. Most people are used to drinking tea leaves, but I sell tea buds.

Tea buds are rare. Tea buds are quality. They are so rare and expensive that you hardly hear about them in the West. Most shops refuse to stock them because wholesale prices are incredibly high.

Harvested in spring once a year for a short window of up to 6 weeks (or first 3 weeks for most of my AA grades and above), they contain the most nutrition and least contaminants.

So that is the first part - the economics.

The second part is experience.

Few people know about these tea buds. What you will find is that for the same type of tea, the higher grades actually taste lighter, fresher and more subtle fragrances.

Put it another way, if you are new to tea buds, you may find the taste so light that you taste "nothing".

But still, it is okay. Most of my customers continue drinking because it feels so good! You feel refreshed, energized and clear-minded.

The experience is complete after a couple of weeks. Your palate starts to recognize the most subtle favors and aroma. You "get it".

So what do you do if you are new to drinking green tea?

I categorized the green teas into:
- Light Bodied
- Medium Bodied
- Full Bodied

If you are a coffee drinker or need a stronger tea, you should avoid the light bodied teas. Also try the white Tea and yellow teas, they are stronger.

In fact, you might be glad to know we have a fantastic 2015 season for stronger tasting teas!

2015 Green Tea Season Summarized!

Finally, almost every white/yellow/green teas for the 2015 season have arrived!

(That is, everyone barred one tea - Maofeng A Grade - which will arrive end of May. )

Several of my stronger tasting tea has a fantastic season compared to the previous year. In ascending price points:

- Liuan Guapian Green Tea

We have switched supplier in 2015 again and believe this newly sourced Melon Tea has much better mouthfeel and aroma compared to 2014. It is made from tender leaves (not buds), but the taste is full-bodied, with an unforgettable delicate, floral aroma and long lasting sweetness.

- Mengding Huangya Yellow Tea and Zhuyeqing Green Tea

This yellow tea is similar to green tea as it is only lightly oxidized. Both Huangya and Zhuyeqing tea buds are extremely high quality with excellent mouthfeel.

- Silver Needle White Tea

If you want very high quality, good value and strong tasting tea, you can't go wrong with this Jipin grade white tea. It is probably the best white tea we have tasted and the prices are very attractive. Quality is similar to the 2014 Jipin grade. Enjoy it while it lasts!

- Longjing Green Tea

Longjing tea is light tasting so it is for experienced drinkers. This year's Longjing Green Tea is excellent, helped by the cold weather in Hangzhou this spring. I don't say this every year, the last time I said this was back in 2011. 2015 is definitely "one of the best" in recent history.

I hope this helps? Any thoughts on this matter? Reply to this email!

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Julian Tai

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