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Newsletter #50: Xinyang Maojian Tea Pre-Launch Offer Begin! (Offer To End 30 June)
May 20, 2012


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20 May 2012 Issue #50:


>> Xinyang Maojian Green Tea Pre-Launch Offer Begin! (Offer To End 30 June)

A couple of good news to share in this month's newsletter!

The 2012 green tea season has well and truly arrived. With the exception of jasmine green tea (which should be restocked in June), all green teas have been restocked.

For the month of May, we have three new arrivals:

- Huangshan Maofeng Green Tea (both AAA and A grade)
- Taiping Houkui Green Tea
- Liuan Guapian Green Tea

The Huangshan Maofeng AAA grade was exceptional last year. This year is "back to normal", less fragrant, but good nevertheless. The other three teas are as good as last year, fragrant and nice!

Amazing Green Tea Shop - Directly from the Source

Also, today is the start of the Pre-Launch offer of a remarkable AA grade green tea: Xinyang Maojian! With this one-off offer, you enjoy 15% off the regular price.

Xinyang Maojian AA Grade Pre-Launch Offer Begin!
I like her for a number of reasons.

As with all other white, yellow and green tea I sell, it is made up of high quality tea buds. What this means is that it contains a high level of theanine (a natural relaxant that helps the mind to relax) and antioxidants (with wide ranging health benefits).

But what makes her so unique, is her strong mouthfeel and high aroma. This is a good tea even for beginners, as they might find other green tea too subtle to get it initially.

When you receive your packet, pour out a few tea leaves on a piece of paper and examine them closely. At first glance, you may be mistaken that she is a Japanese sencha tea. The dry leaves long and narrow, fine as a needle.

Take a deep breath. Can you smell the pan roasted (nutty) aroma? Do you detect a floral aroma that seems to get stronger once you discover it?

Drinking Xinyang Maojian tea is economical, making her a good everyday tea. Due to her strong aroma and mouthfeel, you only need to infuse a small quantity each time. Also, she is renown for her long durability, this means you can infuse her for up to 3 to 5 times.

Xinyang Maojian Tea - Perfect Tea for A Beginner

How do you get the 15% discount? Simply enter promotional code maojian30 during checkout. Or click on the link below to buy. Offer expires on 30 June.

Amazing Green Tea Shop - Directly from the Source

Please note that this tea has two grade: AA grade ($15) and A grade ($11). Only the high grade is on sale, you get the AA grade for $12.75 under this Offer!

I hope this helps? Any thoughts on this matter? Reply to this email! Alternatively, you can leave a message in our Facebook page. We can discuss things further - over a cup of tea?

Amazing Green Tea Facebook

>> Coming next: Advantages of drinking high grade!

Julian Tai

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