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Newsletter #13: Silver Tip White Tea - Best Value $6.95 Launch!
May 29, 2008


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2008 29 May 2008 Issue #13:



>> Silver Needle White Tea Launch
>> Tea Update
>> White Tea Health Benefits
>> Dragon Well Tea King Grade
>> Tea Forum - Highlights and Unanswered Questions


I have three news to share. First is good, second is bad, and the third ... probably neutral.

While I was in an Indian monastery last month, I received an intriguing email from a Chinese exporter. The surprise encounter leads to the launch of an excellent Silver Tip White Tea. I love it so much that I am drinking it every morning.

Silver Tip Tea - Best Organic Tea Under $7?

I have only 2 kilograms. So this is strictly on a "while stock last" basis.

Monkey Chief Tea (Taiping Houkui)

The same trip to India leads to an undesirable result. Due to mis-communication with Hu, I missed the boat on this year's Monkey Chief tea (sorry!). What I have from him, instead, is a wild cultivated variety.

However, despite being organic, this tea is somewhat bland. It probably is still better than most teas out there, but I am just not comfortable selling it. So all bets are off for this year's Monkey tea.

If you are interested in getting free sample of this tea, please email me. You only have to pay for the delivery (about $7 per 100 grams, or less if you are piggy-bagging on any existing tea orders). I only accept paypal payments.

Iron Goddess King Tea (Tieguanyin Wang)

For those of you eagerly awaiting the 2008 spring (Jade) oolong tea, you may be disappointed to hear that the spring tea is not up to scratch due to the high rainfall.

So I am sticking with the fragrant 2007 Autumnal harvest and ditching the 2008 spring harvest.

The good news is that I have finally migrated to a new provider - also called Shen, for this tea. As usual, I am keen to pass on the savings. There have been massive price reductions in the region of 20 to 60 percents for each grade!

New Shen's tea is organically certified from this year onwards. He has been exporting to the highly regulated and competitive market in Japan and won a gold medal in 1998. We are really in good hands.

Although heavier and less fruity than the Old Shen, I believe it provides better value of money and a more robust, consistent taste, with exceptionally long aftertaste. The 4 grades now offer the full range of oxidisation in accordance with the way Iron Goddess tea is sold in China. But more on a later newsletter...

Iron Goddess Tea - Darling I Love The Way You Smell!

Have a great read,

Julian Tai

>>Coming Next... White Tea - Popular Myths Busted!

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A lot of good things have been said about white tea. So when I look into it, I expect to find lots of gold.

It hasn't disappointed. Although I find only 4 published studies on white tea health benefits, 3 of them claim white tea to be a more effective cancer-fighter and germ-killer than green tea.

It is not easy to out-do green tea. The results are preliminary, but it is a fantastic start. Am I surprised? Not really.

Read about the magic of

White Tea Health Benefits

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The King grade is now fully sold out. As I have expected, selling very high grade tea is a tricky proposition. They can be hard to get or revealing, it all depends on how much you are willing to step into the unknown. If you are unsure, for most people, the Jipin grade remains the best bet.

If you have bought the King grade, what do you think of it?

Stig from Copenhagen says that this tea is distinctly high grade ...

Dragon Well Tea Wang Grade - Truly Unusual!

Sigurd conducts his reviews wine-tasting style comparing Jipin and Wang grade. He has a few innovations, such as using near boiling water (which I also used for my daily cups), white bread, eating tea leaves, and making sure you buy enough bags ...

The result? King grade is more aromatic and tastes better "eating". Jipin has longer aftertaste.

Dragon Well Tea Mini Reviews

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Chris from Germany is researching Taiwanese tea production from 1800 to 1900. He has some burning questions. If you know anything about the Treasure Island (Taiwa), see if you can lend him a hand!

Oolong Tea Production In The Past

Peter from Netherlands shares his story on how he discovers the wonders of Chinese Tea...

My Tea Story - Predestined With Chinese Tea

Rob from Alberta shares his experience as a minority loose tea drinkers. Are we a quirky group? Would you hold back from telling friends about the magic of loose leaf for fear of driving up the price?

Loose Tea Drinker - Are We A Quirky Group?



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Everyone has his or her own cup of tea. What do you like and dislike about the teas?

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Iron Goddess oolong tea:


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