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Newsletter #80: Green Tea Season 2016 Has Started!
March 16, 2016


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16 March 2016 Issue #80:


>> Green Tea Season 2016 Has Started!
>> Tieguanyin Wang King Grade - Last Call!
Great news guys, the 2016 green tea season has started to arrive! As usual, the first to arrive are the three Sichuanese green tea:

- Mengding Ganlu (Sweet Dew)
- Zhuyeqing (Bamboo Green)
- Mengding Huangya (Yellow Buds)

We expect other teas such as Anji Baicha, Biluochun and Longjing to arrive early to mid April. If you are interested in these teas, wait for my next newsletter!

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Tieguanyin Wang King Grades
Long time readers of this newsletter would know that we work with spring and autumnal harvests only. During springtime such as now to May, we restock the following teas:

- White tea
- Yellow tea
- Green tea
- Wuyi oolong tea where they have gone out of stock.

In the autumn, we restock the more fragrant teas such as

- Jasmine green tea
- Tieguanyin oolong tea (Iron Goddess)
- Fenghuang Dancong tea (Phoenix Dancong)

The really interesting tea is the Tieguanyin Wang oolong tea, where we offer nine different varieties from our tea friend Shen and you can buy little samples to try them all out fairly economically.

The sad news is that this will be the last time we are offering the King grades. If you are a long term admirers of them or is a sophisticated drinker, it is worth trying them out one last time.

The reason? Apparently there is big shift in China's consumer taste as they now prefer the traditional Tieguanyin such as the Amber AA grade, which is more oxidized and robust in taste.

Here's what James said about King Grade 1:

"I cannot believe my mouth has experienced something so wonderful as this. Not only my mouth, but my mind and body get multiple waves of relaxation long after it hits my gullet. This tea is not a tea-on-the-go kind of tea. You really need to mindfully set out to drink this all day to get it's full effects. I usually get up to 6 infusions easy. The last two I let steep covered for about 10 or more minutes."

Here's another feedback from Simon:

"This tea is exceptionally good, the equal of anything I have had in the best restaurants in Shenzhen or from the best-known teashop in Suzhou. It's a great pleasure for me to be able to find tea of this quality in the West for the first time."

You can get the King grades individually here:

Iron Goddess King Grades

Or just get a Sampler pack:

Iron Goddess Sampler Packs

I hope this helps? Any thoughts on this matter? Reply to this email!

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Julian Tai

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