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Newsletter #32: Pre-Launch Offers To End 5 April
March 25, 2010


Solving Problems Every Tea Drinker Faces

25 March 2010 Issue #32:


>> Pre-Launch Offers To End 5 April
>> Dragon Well Tea Drinkers Face Difficult Season


First, the good news.

The 15% Pre-Launch offer has STARTED for 10 days. What we have are THREE new green tea launches. I have been drinking them for last few weeks and love them.

Mengding Ganlu (Sweet Dew)
Known as the Sweet Dew, she is exactly how mountain dews should taste like - light, sweet, refreshing to the body and soothing for the mind.

Mengding Ganlu Tea - Sweet Dew's Thousand Year Journey

Mengding Huangya (Yellow Buds)
Medium rich body, vegetal taste and suspending tea buds. A sensational yellow tea that is easy to like.

Yellow Tea - Mengding Huangya (Yellow Buds)

Zhuyeqing Tea (Bamboo Leaf Green)
Also medium rich body, more floral and long aftertaste. Beautiful tea buds with high degree of uniformity.

Zhuyeqing Tea (Bamboo Leaf Green)

All three teas last 3+ infusions. At less than 30 cents per cup, offer great value.

How do you get the 15% discount? Simply enter promotional code sichuan05 during checkout. Or click on the link below to buy. Offer expires on 5 April.

Amazing Green Tea Shop

Finally, if you have pre-ordered the Dragon Well tea (King and Jipin grades) or the Biluochun tea, just to let you know that the 2010 harvests have started and we are already shipping out parcels.

Until next time.


Julian Tai

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>>Coming Next ... More 2010 green teas coming

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The 2010 season is turning out to be the toughest season for many years. Frost around March 8 has killed many tea plants. The locals are watching weather forecasts closely for more frosts on 26 March.

The weather affects the entire Zhejiang province, so it will impact teas such as Dragon Well and Anji Baicha. While last year was a bumper year for high grades, this year is the reverse. Rumors had it prices are to rise 20%.

It is still to early to say, but this is what we gather so far:

- There will be far less high grades, so expect the stocks to run out sooner.

- We have tasted the King and Jipin grades and there is little change in taste compared to last year. But the external appearance is poorer due to the frosts.

- We expect competitors to increase price or dilute even more. Our philosophy is "do nothing" to keep the grading as pure and transparent as possible. We will keep price the same as last year for the high grades.

(I can already feel the toasty chestnutty aroma and fresh taste in my mouth...)

Dragon Well Tea (Longjing) - Finally! World's Best Green Tea Revealed

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