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Newsletter #22: Dragon Well Tea 30% Pre-Launch - Almost There!
March 10, 2009


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10 March 2009 Issue #22:

Tribute Dragon Well Tea 30% Pre-Launch - Almost There!


>> 2009 Green Tea Update
>> Dragon Well Tea Pre-Launch Offer

Want to know when the 2009 green tea is ready for sale?

While HQ's family has previously expected this year Dragon Well tea to start sprouting on 10 March, things have taken longer.

As at today - 10 March - the only West Lake Dragon Well tea on sale is the Longjing 43 variety, a new cultivar widely cultivated in the Meijiawu and Longjing villages.

This new cultivar has one special quality - it sprouts on average 3-7 days earlier than the traditional Dragon Well plants. This helps the farmers to sell at a higher price.

Here at Amazing Green Tea, however, we tend to avoid this Longjing as it has been found to be of lower quality. We rather stick with the traditional varieties grown in Lion Peak Mountain in HQ's tea gardens.

So, barring no accident again - the season should begin in earnest later next week - perhaps at around 15 March.

For the month of March, we expect to start launching Tribute Dragon Well tea (now includes the B grade), an authentic Biluochun green tea and of course, the Silver Needle white tea that did quite well last year.

More green teas will follow in April, follow by oolong teas and red teas in May and June.

Timing is uncertain, so if you want real time notification, please leave a comment in the link below.

Green Tea 2009 Real Time Notification Alert

I look forward to sharing with you an exciting 2009 season!

Julian Tai

>>Coming Next... Two more green tea pre-launch!

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Would you like to sample the best green tea China has to offer with up to 30% rebate?

It has taken us two years, but the other site's other founder - HQ - is finally offering the entire range of his tea for sale in

From the first day harvest (King grade) to the last crop (B grade), you can sample all of them right here!

Here is the good news, as a Newsletter reader, you are entitled to enjoy 15% rebate on this one-off Pre-Launch.

Not sure which grade to try? Consider getting the 4-in-1 Sampler. It too comes with 15% rebate!

Save Another 15%!

Do you want to buy in bulk? As part of this time-limited Offer, you are entitled to a further 15% cash refund.

Simply place your order as normal. Once I receive your payment, I will refund 15% on the value of your tea order.

How does this work?

Well, you need to order at least 400 grams of Tribute Dragonwell tea of any grade. Yes, any grade. As long as you order 400 grams or more, you will receive 15% cash back into your pocket.

With this 15% refund, you save 30% off the regular price.

Free Courier Service

Another advantage of buying in bulk? Your order is delivered to you via a special courier service in 5 to 10 days - at no extra charge.

This one-off Pre-Launch Offer will end 31 May 2009.

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