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Newsletter #59: The Secret of Green Tea (Offer To End 30 July)
June 30, 2013


Solving Problems Every Tea Drinker Faces

30 June 2013 Issue #59:


>> The Secret of Green Tea (Offer To End 30 July)

What is the secret of green tea?

My tea friends always write and ask me for tea with LOTs of antioxidants. They reckon these antioxidants will give them lots of health benefits.

They heard green tea contains the highest concentration of antioxidants of any plant food. These antioxidants would keep free radicals at bay and perform healing at the deepest cellular level.

While this may be true, antioxidant is NOT the secret of green tea.

What returning customers often tell me is that they love the clean taste and floral fragrance. They love the feelings of their body tingling with energy, their mind calm and focus, their entire being enclosed in protective harmony.

The secret of green tea is the fusion of theanine, antioxidants and caffeine.

Or to put it simply, the secret of green tea is theanine.


While the Chinese have been drinking green tea for more than 2,000 years, l-theanine was only identified as a separate constituent in 1949.

The honor goes to the Japanese, who discovered that it makes up about 50% of the free amino acids present in tea.

Due to its small size, scientists found that it crosses into your brain easily, resulting in many subtle health benefits, as you shall see later.

Antioxidants taste astringent (like the dryness of banana peel).

Caffeine tastes bitter.

Theanine is what gives tea its pleasant taste, which can be described as sweet, fresh and full-mouthed.

More importantly, theanine is the single most important predictor of tea quality. The higher the amount of theanine, the higher the grade of the tea.

Tea that contains high concentration of theanine will contain even more of antioxidants. However, tea that contains lots of antioxidants may taste bitter and astringent and be worth nothing.

The inner secret of theanine was discovered by Chinese and Japanese scientists many years ago. It is a "high grade" phenomenon i.e. tea buds harvested very early in spring contains the highest concentration of theanine and antioxidants.

Theanine is also what "decaffeinates" a high grade tea making them soothing to drink rather than you feeling irritable.

Theanine Supplement Guide - 10 Astonishing Facts To Know

Anji Baicha

Which tea contains the most theanine?

As I alluded earlier, you will find the most theanine in spring harvested tea buds. The younger the better.

It is for this reason that the Chinese people grades tea by the time of harvest.

The earlier the harvest, the younger the tea buds, the higher the grade.

Other than the timing of harvest, theanine also depends on the tea plant.

Anji Baicha green tea and Silver Needle white tea are renown for having higher concentration of theanine.

The former is especially outstanding.

Widely regarded in China as one of the most healthiest green tea to drink, she has been scientifically proven to contain 3-4 times more theanine than other green teas.

I love it for its rich flavors and zen-like focus.

Anji Tea (An Ji Bai Cha) - Why The Healthiest Green Tea Can Be So Soothing To Drink

Silver Needle Tea (Fujian Baihao Yinzhen) - Intoxicating Grapelike Aroma


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