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Newsletter #43: The Most Important Thing Is How You Feel Afterwards
June 24, 2011


Solving Problems Every Tea Drinker Faces

24 June 2011 Issue #43:


>>The Most Important Thing Is How You Feel Afterwards
>> Update on International Shipping

For some reasons, this issue keeps popping out recently. This is what I am trying to say:

"When it comes to drinking tea, the most important thing is how you feel afterwards."

"Taste is less important."

For hundreds of years, the Chinese people regards after-feeling as the most important, follows by fragrance, then taste (mouthfeel).

For example, take a look at what Song Dynasty poet Wentong said about the Mengding Ganlu green tea (Sweet Dew):

Mengding tea. Essence of the clouds.
Sleeping devils gone.
Energy and concentration.
Coolness in the bones. Wings to the heaven.

And what Qing Dynasty poet Lu Chizi said about Longing Green Tea (Dragon Well):

Longjing. Enticing yet plain.
Tasteless. Primordial energy between teeth and cheek.
This taste that seems tasteless is the best taste of all.
Cure all diseases. Rare and precious.

(Both teas are highly recommended for 2011.)

So you see, it is about bones, wings, teeth and cheek - all over the body!

Of course the fragrance and taste are important. But Authentic Tea is bigger than that.

It is a whole body experience. It is about making you a healthier, more efficient person. It is about fulfilling your full potential.

Here are some commonly reported health benefits. Perhaps this is what keep you coming back for more?

- Promote a state of mind that can be described as alert, and yet relaxed
- Keep you refreshed and energized. Help burn fat and lose weight.
- Promote a sense of purity. You feel pure, clean and good overall, and not just the mouth.

Why This is Important
Very often, people look for the wrong thing when they start drinking Authentic Green Tea. They buy the highest grade and expect the flavors to blow them out of water, but was disappointed when that was not the case.

Now you ask: Why?

The earlier the harvest, the higher tea grade.

The higher the grade, the lighter the taste, but richer the subtle flavors.

So if you have just started drinking tea buds (not tea bags), you would experience something very funny - the taste is very light, not flavorful as you would have expected!

This is because you are new to it, and your palate hasn't pick up the subtle, but infinitely more complex and satisfying flavors of the tea buds.

A first-time customer once came back to me and said: "Your tea tastes like hot water to me."

So I explained to him that it will take him a couple of weeks to "get it". Now he comes back every year to get more.

So you haven't drunk real tea all your life, you expect to "get it" in day one? It will take you a while to recognize the floral aroma and fresh unami flavor - known as the sixth taste.

But there is something else that you can recognize immediately.

Taste is secondary. After-feeling is the most important thing. What's health benefits if you can't feel it?

Pay attention to what you feel afterwards. That's the most important thing.

And you know? We all know it is the theanine compound acting on the mind, the antioxidants acting on the body, and the caffeine somehow gets alleviated along the way, but plays its important part.

But you can't replicate the refreshing effects of Authentic Green Tea when you take those pills that contain theanine and antioxidants. I took them.

Another tip for knowing your cup of tea? Gaze at the tea buds. You can tell the better from the obviously bad. But this is perhaps a topic for next time!

Update on International Shipping
Okay, a bit of bad news here.

For the past 2 years, we have been giving away free courier service when you order 350 grams or more. This free service is now being suspended.

The only customers who will get courier service for free will be those who buy clay tea pots as these items are vulnerable.

Why? Because courier costs have increased by 30% since we first started using them. Incredibly, postage can easily exceed $20 each parcel.

So please order in advance, this is how long it takes for an ordinary airmail to reach your part of the world:

- USA (2 to 3 weeks)
- Canada and Europe (4 weeks)
- Scandinavia, Singapore and Malaysia (2 weeks)

Most of the delays arise from custom inspection. It is beyond our control.

But don't worry. I guarantee you will receive your parcel or your money back. I haven't said "no" to a single customer since I started business 4 years ago. You will be fine.

See my top recommendations of tea at Amazing Green Tea Shop.

I hope this helps? Any thoughts on this matter? Reply to this email! Alternatively, you can leave a message in our Facebook page. We can discuss things further - over a cup of tea?

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Julian Tai

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