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Newsletter #34: Tea Prices - Why Are Some Tea More Expensive? (Offer To End 15 June)
June 03, 2010


Solving Problems Every Tea Drinker Faces

3 June 2010 Issue #34:


>> Tea Prices - Why Are Some Tea More Expensive?
>> Two Pre-Launch Offers

Why are some teas more expensive than the others?

This question came up recently from several readers, so I thought it might be a good idea for me to share and discuss.

An important thing to understand is that tea is unlike beverages such as coffee or wine. The healthiest and cleanest stuff - green tea buds - are only available 3-6 weeks a year. These pristine tea buds contain the least environmental pollutants and the most antioxidants.

If green tea buds are so healthy, why are we constantly being sold flavored tea bags, sweetened bottled tea, packaged tea supplements and so called "matcha" tea powders?

Yes, you guess it right - because most of these products are made from the mature leaves, not tea buds. Large tea leaves cost much less than buds, allowing merchants to make profits more easily.

I am not against conventional tea products, there is something for everybody. But if you, like me, are interested in beverages that look good, taste good and more importantly FEEL GOOD, then I would recommend tea buds highly.

A standard green tea bud is called "one bud and two leaves", which means it has a pointed, unopened bud with two adjacent slightly unfurled leaves. In hot water, the tea buds turn green, infuse a yellowish-green liquor and release a lovely, albeit subtle, floral aroma.

The liquor is highly potent - lasting 3 to 5 infusions, containing an extremely high concentration of antioxidant called EGCG, and a moderate amount of calming relaxant known as theanine.

From the beginning of spring, harvesting starts and lasts for only THREE weeks. After that, harvesting continues for another THREE weeks, when the tea buds become more unwieldy "one bud with two and three leaves".

This is the reason why Amazing Green Tea only sells Chinese green tea. China is the only country where low yield tea gardens can be found easily AND still offer great value for money.

In low yield tea garden, tea bushes are harvested for only 6 weeks. They are rested for the remainder of the year.

This is the only way to ensure that the green tea buds are naturally organic and contains high concentration of the rejuvenating antioxidants and soothing theanine.

Now, here is the reason why prices can vary so much, even for the same tea.

The earlier the harvest, the higher the grade. Even within these six weeks, there is a great variation of quality. Also, a low yield tea garden will cost much more than another tea garden that harvests 3-4 times a year.

The law of supply (just a small amount of pristine tea buds) and demand (green tea is the most popular beverage in the world) means even for the same tea, wholesale prices can vary by as much as a factor of 100.

What this means is that a Dragon Well green tea sold in Amazon won't be the same as the Dragon Well tea we sell here.

The one in Amazon could be coming from a high yield tea farm besides a busy road, diluted with something else. While our Dragon Well is from a secluded mountain top, with the same purity as the tea supplied to the Chinese White House.

If the name of the tea convey little information about its quality, how can we - as consumers - choose what to buy?

The good thing is that taste seldom lies, as I will explain next newsletter. This is the reason why between myself and HQ, we methodically taste and compare every single tea that we sell.

Every tea that we sell - from $5 to $50 - have to meet our stringent criteria of looking good, tasting good and feeling good. It is all about getting the samples and try it out. Tasting, observing and learning.

I hope this helps? Any thoughts on this matter? Reply to this email!

Until next time.

Julian Tai

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