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Newsletter #82: What's the Best Tea for Cholesterol? (Offer Ending 31 July)
July 17, 2016


Solving Problems Every Tea Drinker Faces

17 July 2016 Issue #82:


>> What's the Best Tea for Cholesterol?
>> Free Worldwide Shipping Offer Until 31 July

Sorry I have been quiet for the last few months. I recently found a new job with long commute, so I have been struggling to find time to to write!

It was only back in March when I bravely proclaimed "Green tea season 2016 - best in five years!".

(And as you shall see next month, several readers have replied and confirmed this.)

Since then the spring of optimism has given rise to the the summer of uncertainty, as within a five short months we have seen the UK taking the first baby step to leave the European Union, the American reeling from the shock of race crimes, the French facing widespread society unrest and only yesterday, a failed military coup in Turkey and now a deep political purge of alarming proportion in the country.

Also, I shall not forget to add that climate has not been kind to Chinese tea drinkers either. While the country is mired in what felt like a deep recession to a large section of the society, heavy rainfall and typhoons had swept through southern and central China ravaging historic tea towns like Yixing (home of clay pottery) and Jingdezhen (home of porcelain).

Luckily our teas have been spared as our high quality tea farms only harvest once a year from March to May. Most of our tea buds are already safely frozen in our warehouse at minus twenty degree Celsius just waiting for your order to come in!

Best Tea for Cholesterol
A reader recently asked: "Julian, what's best tea for reducing my LDL cholesterol as my level is at a dangerous level?"

"Do all green teas have the same benefits?"

Here's my reply to him:

"Iain, drinking tea does do wonder for reducing cholesterol. While we recommend drinking white tea and green tea, as they are the least oxidized and contain the most antioxidants, even oxidized tea like oolong have beneficial effects."

Green Tea and Cholesterol

Oolong Tea Health Benefits

Well, I mention oolong tea specifically because the flavors of the tea is such that it goes well with a meal, while the same cannot be said of green tea.
Furthermore, it has the additional benefits of promoting fat excretion. Very valuable when you are eating lots of fatty food! See article below:

Oolong Tea Diet - How It Block Fat Absorption

Readers often ask me which particular green tea is the best for health benefits. The answer is as long as it is high quality it doesn't matter, it really depends on your personal taste and budget.

By quality I mean please avoid tea bags, go for loose-leaf, and in particular go for the traditional spring harvested tea buds!

It is well documented in Chinese and Japanese research studies that the quality of tea decreases with the age of the leaves i.e. young tea buds are the healthiest as they contain the highest amount of nutrition

Best Green Tea Chemical Secrets Revealed By Study .

Also, spring harvested tea is the tastiest and most meditational as they contain the highest level of theanine. Reason why readers often say Longjing and Anji Baicha make them feel so good, refreshed and elevates them to a state of mind that is so focus and yet relaxed!

How I love my cup of tea when I am doing some serious study or want to go about my life in the most efficient way!

Free Worldwide Shipping Offer

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Amazing Green Tea Shop

Finally, do you want have anything to say about the 2016 crop? Reply to this email or drop me a line in our Facebook page!

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Julian Tai

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