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Can Green Tea Harm You?
May 12, 2007
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Amazing-Green-Tea Newsletter 12 May 2007 Edition Issue #2:

Can Green Tea Harm You?


“Every medicine is the only medicine for a specific disease, but tea is the medicine for all causes,” Chen Zang , a famous Chinese pharmacist in Tang Dynasty (618 to 907 A.D.).

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>     Table of Content

0. Announcements

1. Tea Spotlight

- Gourmet Green Tea - The Crown Jewel of Chinese Green Tea

- Why Tender Tea Shoots Make The Best Green Tea

2. Tea News

- Green Tea Supplement Side Effects

3. Tea Bits

- Why Drinking Too Much Green Tea Harm You

--0--     Announcements

What a month it has been!

Our baby daughter, Anni, was born 6 weeks ago. At around the same time, we began shipping Liu's Dragon Well tea. Initial responses are overwhelmingly positive. You can read the customers review at

Tribute West Lake Dragon Well Tea Customers Review

For those of you who have bought the Dragon Well tea but have not provided feedback, remember the contest deadline is 30 June.

Personally, I love reading your review; It always teach me a few things about tea drinking:)

The most stunning story comes from Ellen. She drinks Dragon Well tea and  eats a plant-based diet, and lost 25 pounds in 6 months! She kindly shares her tips with us at

Green Tea Burn Calories - A Personal Account

Progress is slow but steady. We have recently located a promising tea garden producing the Bi Luo Chun green tea in the Dong Ting West Mountain. We'll try it first and update you later:)

--1--     Chinese Green Tea

A common objection to Chinese tea is this:

With China becoming the manufacturing capital of the world, its environmental resources are increasingly under threat. Chinese tea is likely to be contaminated by pesticides and pollutants. Avoid them.

It is a dangerous sweeping statement to make, and here is why:

Gourmet Green Tea - The Crown Jewel Of Chinese Green Tea

Gourmet quality Chinese tea is no pet food; It's a luxury good.

Liu's special grade Dragon Well tea, for example, retails at more than 1,000 dollars a kilogram in China, putting it beyond the reach of 99.9% of the vast population.

The sad truth is that in China, only the rich or well-paid can afford them. Fakes cost much less to sell and buy. That's why they are flooding the market.

What makes the finest Chinese green tea? There are many factors, but two things stand out: authentic origin and early cropping.

Take Dragon Well tea for example. It is pointless to get any Dragon Well tea. The most talked-about is those grown in the West Lake, and within that - the Lion Peak Mountain, which has an attitude of 1,000 meters.

And better still, go for the tea gardens selected to produce tea for the Chinese White House, such as Liu's. Pesticides and chemicals are strictly forbidden. Grown in the middle of the mountain, they are situated away from road traffic and pollution.

Authentic origin determines the quality. Early cropping determines the grade.

The earlier the crop, the younger the tea shoots, the higher the grade. High grade green tea are made from tender tea shoots not more than 2 centimeters long. They contain the most nutrients and least pollutants.

Drinking these tender tea shoots are the ultimate safeguard against contaminants. Read Why Tender Tea Shoots Make the Best Green Tea

--2--     Green Tea Supplement Side Effects

Researchers in the State University of New Jersey reported that green tea supplements are toxic at high doses. This is not surprising, we've come across similar reports before. We can read our summary at

Green Tea Supplement Side Effects

--3--     Why Drinking Too Much Green Tea Harm You

Drinking green tea is good for health. The United Kingdom Tea Council recommends up to 6 cups of tea a day. What can go wrong with drinking too much green tea? Caffeine, mineral overdose and the common green tea side effects.

Why Drinking Too Much Green Tea Harm You

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Written by Julian Tai,  BEng, MSc, FIA
Copyright © 2007 by All rights reserved
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