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Newsletter #11: Green Tea 2008 Update
March 08, 2008


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8 March 2008 Issue #11:



>> Taiwan Oolong Tea
>> Green Tea and Pimples
>> Green Tea Antioxidants
>> What's New Highlights
>> Tea!Fantasy Highlights



Are you ready for the start of the new tea season? Can you smell that spring is just round the corner?

Several newsletter subscribers have asked when the Dragon Well tea season is starting. I will provide an update here.

Dragon Well Green Tea 2008 Season

Because of the extreme cold winter in China this year, the start of the tea season is likely to be delayed. The headline news is that harvests will be delayed by 2 weeks on average, with prices increasing by 30%.

Now, I am not entirely sure how those headline numbers have been derived. As far as HQ's Tribute Dragon Well tea is concerned, I will try to hold the 2007 prices as long as I can.

Tea prices is a combination of many factors, the key drivers being the size of harvest, labour costs and currency movements.

Labour prices and currency movements are usually adverse, as the Renminbi currency is very under-valued and the Chinese government is under great pressure to let Renminbi appreciate in values.

For the 2008 season, the main uncertainty is the size of the harvest crop. So far, the Tribute tea gardens have been spared by the cold winter.

As long as extreme weather patterns don't occur in the next few weeks, I can't see why there should be a price hike.

So no worry there, there shouldn't be any price increases.

Last year's harvest started on 10 March. The cold weather in China now is preventing the tea shoots from sprouting. But it should be anytime now. Once the weather turns warm, they will start growing like you wouldn't believe!

Dragon Well tea is made on the same day. So once the weather turns warm, they will be ready to ship. It should be anytime between now and the next 2 weeks.

You can place an order now or wait for my email alert in the next two weeks informing you that the harvesting has started in earnest. If you place an order now, I will assume it is for the 2008 harvest.

The advantage of placing an order now is that you will be guaranteed the 2007 prices.

King Grade

This year, I will be shipping the Dragon Well tea King grade untested.

The King grade tea is made from the highest quality tea shoots selected from the Jipin grade. HQ's tea gardens produce only 2 kilograms each year.

They are normally sold out as soon as they are harvested. The tea merchants would be queueing up in front of their hourse trying to lay their hands on this tea.

The availability and high prices (costs about 3 times as much as Jipin grade) means I wouldn't be holding any inventory on this tea. So it will be available at the start of the season, and no more.

Since King grade is still untested, I will be making it available at the break-even prices of 30% rebate. Minimum quantity is 10 grams at $17.95.

The tea does not come with any Money-Back guarantee. So please buy sparringly and come back in 2009 if you love it.

If you like to sample this Longjing Chawang, please place your order now.

Feedback Contest

Now, Lady and Gentleman, the winner of the feedback contest goes to ...

It's a hard call. Really hard. There are so many great feedback to choose from.

Here are the Dragon Well tea feedback...

And the Iron Goddess tea feedback...

I decided to go for Stig's Iron Goddess tea feedback at


I hope it is a fair call. There will be another contest in 2 months time during the launch of the Monkey Chief Green Tea- so don't worry if you miss out this time.

This month's topic is on Taiwan Oolong tea, which will conclude our oolong tea series.

Have a great read,

Julian Tai

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One article is not enough to do justice to the complex arrays of Taiwan Oolong teas.

So I won't even try.

As you scan through the article, you will get a bird's eye view of the different types available, which, hopefull, will make you a better tea hunter!

Taiwan Oolong Tea - An Overview

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Drinking green tea is good for the skin in a number of ways. First it prevents skin cancer.

And now, scientists have preliminary evidence that it treats pimples.

Green Tea and Pimples.

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Why are scientists so excited about green tea?

After all, there are so many other superfoods around.

Antioxidants. Tonnes of them. Real powerful stuff promising incredible benefits.

Green Tea Antioxidants

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Dec 6, 2007, Green Tea Theanine Relaxing Benefit - What Dr. Weil Say
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Everyone has his or her own cup of tea. What do you like and dislike about the teas?

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