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Issue #103: Green Tea, Gut Bacteria and Coronavirus
December 27, 2020

Solving Problems Every Tea Drinker Faces

27 December 2020
Issue #103: Green Tea, Gut Bacteria and Coronavirus


>> Green Tea, Gut Bacteria and Coronavirus
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All these years we have been talking about the many benefits of green tea. Many of these benefits can be attributed to the abundance of antioxidant Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG).

This article explains how green tea beats other superfood - hands down - in term of antioxidants content.

Catechin Rich Foods and Beverages- According to USDA

On the other hand, the mechanisms of how it actually work inside the human body are still an area of research. Fortunately, modern research is revealing two additional pathways green tea benefits are manifesting:

1. Directly influencing how genetics work

Do you know that you can consume an epigenetics diet that will bolster your body' immunity against Coronavirus or Covid 19?

But first, let me explain to you what is meant by epigenetic as this is a fresh new concept that few people have heard of.

Are you ready?

Here's how the Jackson Laboratory explained what is mean by epigenetic:

Genetics is your genes. And each gene has a unique sequence that makes a protein that does something in your body.

A genetic mutation is a hardcopy change in one or more parts of that sequence.

This could just make you, you. Or it could contribute to a genetic disease.

An epigenetic change also changes a gene’s DNA — but not at the sequence level.

Instead, special marks are added or removed to change how a protein works in the body. How these marks appear is a hot research topic. Some causes may be diet, stressors or environmental pollutants.

What’s important about epigenetics is that it offers a different approach to treating disease. Whereas a hardcopy genetic mutation is difficult to fix, finding ways to remove a bad epigenetic mark, or add a good one, could be an easier solution.

So what food will block Covid-19 from infecting us at the cellular level?

According to an article published by, the following food will help:

- 300 g of fresh red onion
- 300 ml of squeezed orange juice
- 1 g of green tea
- 50 g juniper berries

Again, we can see the potency of green tea here. Just 1 gram of green tea is equivalent to so much more of the other superfood!

Green Tea, Epigenetics and Coronavirus

2. Promoting the growth of beneficial gut bacteria

The consumption of green tea may help suppress the immune response which causes allergies, according to a new Japanese study in mice.

According to this study, gut bacteria Flavonifractor Plautii (FP) has many health benefits:

- Reduce inflammation
- Reduce food allergy
- Reduce blood pressure

The study found that consuming green tea increases the abundance of FP.

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Julian Tai

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