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Newsletter #76: A Question of Caffeine (Offer Ending 31 December 2015)
December 01, 2015


Solving Problems Every Tea Drinker Faces

01 December 2015 Issue #77:


>> A Question of Caffeine (Offer Ending 31 December 2015)

Another question I always get is this:

"Julian, which tea is most calming, decaffeinating to drink?"

If I get time, I would probably say something like this:

"Tea is very different from coffee. Tea is complex. There is caffeine, but there are also antioxidants, theanine and a host of other compounds."

"While coffee would only give you a lift for couple of hours, drinking a high grade tea can keep you clear- headed and energized for the entire day."

See this feedback from Jane on Zhejiang Biluochun AAA Grade:

"A lovely tea, and very good value - it needs only a very small amount, maybe a half-teaspoon's worth in 150ml water for three steeps. Delicately high, sweet taste, and a fantastic aroma from the wet leaves. As with all Julian's teas, the leaves and buds are very high quality and very beautiful. I find Biluochun a little bit fussy - it's easy to overleaf or oversteep - and slightly cooler water with short steeps of 20-30 seconds works best for me. A few cups of this in the morning makes me feel very clear-headed for the rest of the day."

"And ... it might also keep you awake at night if you drink too much and you are sensitive to such thing."

So yes, it is powerful and gentle. Definitely long lasting so you need not drink tons of it.

Which is the most calming tea?

If you care about taste and health benefits, you can safely give decaffeinated a miss ...

Decaffeinated Green Tea Warnings! - Natural Versus CO2

Basically it has to be a tea that contains a lot of theanine.

Check out this article here:

Green Tea Caffeine Content Paradox - Theanine Decaffeination

My first recommendation is an incredible quality green tea called the Anji Baicha, which contains an exceptionally high level of theanine. It is so calming that the experience of drinking this amazing tea can be described as meditative.

Anji Tea (An Ji Bai Cha) - Why The Healthiest Green Tea Can Be So Soothing To Drink

It is a good option if your have stretchy budget and want a tea for a special treat.

My second recommendation will be the Silver Needle white tea, due to its high theanine contents, popular appeal and value for money!

This Month Specials

- Silver Needle White Tea - Jipin Grade 2015

It is not very often you get the highest quality white tea and this is indeed what you get. A sun dried, first day harvest sourced directly from a tea farm in Fuding, Fujian province.

Karen from Henrietta exclaimed:

"The Silver Needle was my first experience with a premium white tea. I have this in the early afternoon. It has a wonderful full-mouth feel. I feel relaxed yet alert as you described. I haven't been able to drink the green teas, because they tend to upset my stomach. This tea is a great way to get the health benefits."

- Silver Needle White Tea - AAA Grade 2013

We still have a few kilograms left from the 2013 harvest. This tea is sourced from a different farm; it being more fruity and less robust compared to the 2015 Jipin grade.

The attraction is that has been aged for two years, making it more flavorful and rounded than ever before. People in the West don't know much about aged white tea. I can assure you, it comes highly recommended.

Tendesai from Bristol feedback:

"The Baihao 2013 is delicious! I have a special fondness for white teas and this is one of the very best that I have ever tasted! I particularly enjoy its delicacy, subtlety and smoothness. I've had to be extra careful with water temperatures because it is so delicate but it's a true joy to drink. I am enjoying them immensely; they definitely meet my expectations of value and quality! Thank you so much for such a great service!."

Up until 31 December, you can enjoy a 15% discount on these teas. When you check out, simply use promotional code baihao .

Amazing Green Tea Shop

I hope this helps? Any thoughts on this matter? Reply to this email!

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Julian Tai

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