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Issue #91: Green Tea versus Black Tea (Free Shipping Ending 31 July)
July 22, 2017


Solving Problems Every Tea Drinker Faces

22 July 2017

Issue #91: Green Tea versus Black Tea


>> Green Tea versus Black Tea - Which Is Healthier?
>> Free World Shipping Offer Ending 31 July!

A customer asked me which is healthier - green tea or black tea?

According to scientific research, green tea is healthier as it contains a lot more antioxidants.. This is covered in my article below, which is well worth a three minutes read.

Tea Antioxidants Debate - Green Tea Vs. Black Tea

However, I also drink a lot of fully oxidized tea such as Chinese black tea, roasted oolong and pu-erh.


Maybe it is a Chinese thing, but many Chinese people I know prefer darker teas because they are more gentle on the stomach. It is a bit like my wife preferring to eat cooked vegetable to raw salad.

This is what I normally do.

I would avoid drinking green tea on empty stomach as it can sometimes lead to gastric discomfort.

The best time to drink green tea is mid morning in between meals because green tea blocks nutrient absorption when taken with meals, and it is a good idea to avoid caffeinated beverage 10 hours before bedtime.

Here are some of my favorite dark teas in descending order of quality:

- Yushangming 2006 Pu-erh Tea Cake

This 11-year-old tea cake costs $200 per 400-gram and is by no mean cheap. Qualitywise it is amazing - deep, rich and tingling. A real feel-good drink.

Just like the highest grade green tea is made from tender tea buds picked earliest in the spring, the tea cake is made from young tea buds harvested from tea trees that are more than 300 years old.

- Wuyi Rock Oolong Tea

These roasted oolongs are polar opposite of green tea. They are dark, strong, fiery with floral overtones and sweet aftertaste.

Personally I think they taste better than coffee and definitely healthier.

I will cover more in future newsletter. Here, it suffices to say that Rock Teas are highly medicinal and possess healing properties as they are grown from volcanic ashes and contain many minerals.

Our Wuyi Oolong is Zhenyan, that is, grown from the Middle of the Mountain. It is the real stuff.

- Yunnan Gold Tea

This is our best value offering at $13. Unlike the black tea you have in the West, it is made from young tea buds! The 2017 crop is extremely fragrant. Check out the reviews here:*0c0520a896c414cb&reviews_mode=1&code=ExplodeA457c0f350f92e67f6d1e1a5c47ee7a54

Finally, we are offering free worldwide shipping for the month of July.

I hope this helps? Any thoughts on this matter? Reply to this email or drop me a line in our Facebook page! Have a great summer!

Amazing Green Tea Facebook

Julian Tai

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