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Newsletter #83: Green Tea is Good for Your Brain - Part 1
August 14, 2016


Solving Problems Every Tea Drinker Faces

14 August 2016 Issue #83:


>> Green Tea is Good for Your Brain - Part 1
>> Customer Feedback on 2016 Season

There are two ways in which green tea is good for your brain.

First it improves your concentration and calmness. Second, it helps ward off mental diseases. We will cover the first point in this issue.

While the Chinese have been drinking green tea for more than 2,000 years, l-theanine was only identified as a separate constituent in 1949. The honor goes to the Japanese, who discovered that it makes up about 50% of the free amino acids present in tea.

Due to its small size, scientists found that it crosses into your brain easily, resulting in many subtle health benefits. Numerous human trials have shown that theanine can promote alpha brain waves, putting you in a relaxed, yet alert state without causing drowsiness.

Dopamine is a hormone that is associated with a feeling of well-being. It is a neurotransmitter that is released during pleasurable activities such as eating and sex.

Some studies also suggest that theanine may increase your brain’s production of serotonin and GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid). However, these results are still highly preliminary.

Theanine enhances the ability to learn, and to remember. It increases concentration, a reason why monks and scholars incorporate tea drinking into meditation and study.

You can read about the scientific studies in the article below:

Theanine Health Benefits - More Than A Relaxant!

Customer Feedback on 2016 Season

1. Tribute Longjing (Dragon Well Green Tea)

Now, the thing about this Tribute Longjing is that it IS the best green tea in the world, it IS the tea that goes to the Chinese White House, but please don't expect to get it straightaway - especially you are new to these pristine tea buds!

If you are a coffee drinker who prefer a strong cup of tea, high grade green tea may not be your thing because you might think it is tasteless, it is too weak!

Actually, high grade green tea is subtle, it is nasal - you smell it, it is clean, exquisite and multi-layered.

Initially, pay attention to the physical signs: your palate is wet all days, your mind is calm and your body is fresh and energized.

Anyway, what I want to say is this: If you think this kind of tea is for you, then the 2016 harvest is amazing and it is well worth a try.

Diana from Alphington shared her experience:

"Hi Julian, this was my first time trying tea of this calibre. I'd been drinking Chinese green teas - admittedly of rather good quality that I was happy with - that a colleague of my father's brings directly from China."

"Your Long Jing tea blew me away. I'd never tasted such fresh, full-bodied and flavoursome tea before. It was exhilarating."

"The lower grades A and B have thick peachy aromas, and the AAA and Jipin grades were more delicate and I could get 3+ infusions out of them - each time some other facet of the tea was revealed." "I don't think their caffeine content is high as they made me sleepy and relaxed! The tea is visually beautiful once in water - a deep, grassy green. It is reasonably priced for the quality."

"I soak the dry leaves in about 20ml of warm water for a few minutes before pouring ~80 degree water in until the cup is full. I don't strain my tea - I leave the leaves in. Wasn't too bitter for me (I don't mind a bit of bitterness and astringency). I've been telling my family and friends about this tea, and will return to your shop to try other types you have."

2. Lushan Yunwu (Cloud & Mist)

This green tea is having a very good reception from customers this year and it is running out of stock fast!

Kalyson said:

"We have tried many Lu Shan YunWu teas from a variety of sellers over the years. Frequently we have found this tea to be less than it should be -- but Amazing-Green-Tea has not failed to provide a very, very high quality version of this tea."

"If you do not see bright green leaves and a balanced, smooth, sweet taste, it is not a good example of this tea. It should have a rich, meaty aroma - reminiscent of artichoke with a hint of earthiness, but sweet and smooth."

"The tea leaves are tiny, so we use a lower temperature for a shorter steep - like maybe 168 degrees Fahrenheit. We use about 8.5grams per pint/16 oz of water for about 1 minute." "Don't settle for an inferior version - we have found only a few good sellers and Amazing-Green-Tea is one of them."

Amazing Green Tea Shop

I hope this helps? Any thoughts on this matter? Reply to this email or drop me a line in our Facebook page!

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Julian Tai

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