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Newsletter #53: The Most Surprising Thing About 2012 (Free Offer To End 15 September)
August 28, 2012


Solving Problems Every Tea Drinker Faces

28 August 2012 Issue #53:


>> The Most Surprising Thing About 2012 (Free Offer To End 15 September)

It has been four months since the 2012 tea season began. Although I don't sell much tea over the summer, the amount of positive feedback I get has been tremendous.

Customers keep writing back and tell me how impressed they are about the quality and value of my teas. It seems that people are slowly waking up to what makes a good cup of tea.

You see, when we buy things in the West, we are conditioned to go looking for a reliable brand. But Authentic Chinese Tea isn't like this. It hasn't changed for hundreds of years. There are no brands. Just farmers and location.

There is only so much high mountain that you can plant the highest grade. You can't mass-produce high grade loose-leaf tea using chemicals or machines (more on this next issue). You can only harvest the tea buds for six weeks in a year.

Consequently, the best brand doesn't exist. Big corporate aren't interested in selling you a high grade because they could never source enough of it at low enough prices for them to make a hefty profit. You are unlikely to find an Authentic Tea in your supermarket. They much prefer to sell you coffee and tea bags.

That's why Amazing Green Tea is never about brand and profit. I run this tea shop on trust, transparency and passion. And the customer feedback show.

Tea Feedback
During the last four months, I receive thirty feedback, six of which are for the ever popular Silver Needle White Tea. Daniel from New York thought the 2012 crop is even better than 2011:

The silver needle is a great tea. Lightly fruity, aromatic, a great change of pace from the green tea.

The silver needle reminds me of summer. This tea also is great iced on a hot summer day.

You can steep it forever and it won't ever oversteep,

I actually think it just keeps getting better. I like this years better than last and will definitely be getting more.

Another six feedback for perhaps the best green tea in the world - Dragon Well Green Tea. Oliver from Chistlehurst loved the Sampler and used the tea for his exercise routine:

The Longjing 4-in-1 sampler is the nicest green tea I've had to date.

It is fairly priced due to the range of Grades and also allows me to tailor the grades which I drink depending on what I am doing, usually the highest grades when working hard or exercising and the lower grades over the weekend or when I am too busy to appreciate the finer qualities of the tea.

The tastes of the tea are incredible and seem to me to be sweet (although a different sort of sweet from a sugary sweet) and very light and refreshing, it is a delight to drink while the the tea is still fairly warm as it feels very comforting.

The lower grades are wonderful but I can't help myself from drinking the Jipin whenever I have more than one Grade with me!!!

This year's Wuyi Oolong Tea 7-in-1 Sampler features a rare breed: Baijiguan. Nick from Hollywood rated it amongst his all-time top ten:

It has a very oily and slick mouthfeel that is wonderful and makes you want to keep drinking.

The first notes I get are of English Toffee, and perhaps a slight tinge of caramel. But then the sweetness comes out and it reminds me of some very specific fruits such as pears, and a slight hint of peach.

And then when you think this tea couldn't possibly get any better, you start getting to the heart of the leaf after about 6-9 good infusions and the Rock taste begins to come out which wraps everything up in a perfect package.

What about the Yunnan Gold Black Tea, in my view the best black tea in the world at this price leve? There are already two 5-star ratings:

A wonderful tea, with honey after-tones lingering in the nose. To drink in small beautiful cups as it is brewed, nothing added. Maybe one or two petit fours of almonds (macarons) to nibble on the side. A tea to enjoy with dear tea-loving friends. (^.^)

Amazing Green Tea Shop - Directly from the Source

Free Worldwide Shipping
Want to buy a green tea to try but want to save on the shipping charge?

There will be free worldwide shipping for a time limited period until 15 September.

I hope this helps? Any thoughts on this matter? Reply to this email! Alternatively, you can leave a message in our Facebook page. We can discuss things further - over a cup of tea?

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>> Coming next: Advantages of drinking high grade!

Julian Tai

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