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Newsletter #58: Green Tea Season 2013 - Early and Fine!
April 27, 2013


Solving Problems Every Tea Drinker Faces

27 April 2013 Issue #58:


>> Green Tea Season 2013 - Early and Fine!

Green tea is a healthy beverage. It has so much antioxidants that it is literally a life saver.

A 64-year-old man with Leukemia told me yesterday how taking green tea with quercetine halved his white blood cell from 46000 to 21000 in 6 weeks!

How amazing is that?

There is a catch though. He was taking green tea extract, not green tea.

Now imagine: How much more health benefits he would get if he drinks green tea instead?

Yes, spring harvested green tea buds that are barely 1-3 days old when harvested!

Fresh, pure and fragrant, they contain at least 10% of antioxidants plus a whole lots of synergistic compounds such as theanine - a compound that has been proven to promote a relaxed and alert state of mind.

(This compound is sweet, full-mouth and soothing - so soothing that people buy theanine extract to help them sleep at night.)

Unlike a green tea extract, these tea buds are the cream of the crop. And no chemicals have been used to extract the antioxidants.

Do you know these tea buds have just been harvested?

Yes, welcome to Green Tea Season 2013!

Green Tea Season 2013

Every tea season is different, some being more memorable than the others.

2011 was vintage. 2012 was a bit pricey.

2013 was early, Compared to 2012, the quality is probably higher.

Tribute Dragon Well Green Tea

Well, the King grade is harvested on the 16 March, a whopping 10 days earlier than the previous year. The quality is slightly better than last year.

Here's a feedback from Michael from Singapore:

"I'm really enjoying the JiPin 2013 this year. It has the delicate floral fragrance of the King grade and the earthy flavors of the AAA grade. It is a "mix" of taste and aroma that appeals to my palate. :)"

"On their own merits, the 2013 JiPin and AAA grades are still 5 star products in their own category and class."

Silver Needle White Tea

We weren't 100% satisfied with our supplier last year and switched to a smaller tea garden for this year's AAA grade.

What can I say? The quality is superb. I am sure you will like it.

For the 2013 harvests, all the Silver Needles have been sun-dried, which greatly improves the fragrance.

Highly recommended.

Zhuyeqing Green Tea

The two Sichuanese teas (Mengding Ganlu and Zhuyeqing) were out of stock really quickly last year, so we are restocking them a lot more this year.

The Zhuyeqing is especially impressive this year, they consist entirely of single tea buds!

I classified Zhuyeqing as medium body, so it should appeal to those of you who like your tea to be more substantial.

Other Teas

We have also restocked Anji Baicha, Biluochun, Lushan Yunwu and Taiping Houkui. The quality is excellent and consistent with last year's.

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I hope this helps? Any thoughts on this matter? Reply to this email! Alternatively, you can leave a message in our Facebook page. We can discuss things further - over a cup of tea?

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Julian Tai

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