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Alert #2: Tieguanyin Tea 3-day Countdown + Free Tea Launch
January 29, 2008

29 January 2008 Alert #2:



What is the optimum number of cup of tea to drink in a day?

I have recently upped my tea intake significantly. I started the morning with 3 cups of green tea, then have another 3 to 6 cups of oolong tea while I am at work

I never intend to drink that much, but Shen's Tieguanyin oolong tea is so delicious, and durable, that I can't help myself. It depends on individual, but just 3 grams of his tea last me a long time.

Amazingly, this new routine is giving me a lot more energy. I now wake up at 5 each morning, which give me ample time to meditate, answer emails, do my day job properly and most importantly, fulfill my family duties. So I am absolutely loving it!

When I drink Shen's tea, I do so with total confidence. His tea grows at an altitude of 1,000 metres, and will be certified organic next Spring harvest. I have no concerns about pollutants and over-dosage, even caffeine (as most of it tends to get out at the two infusions)

Pre-Launch Offer Ending!

Anyway, just a gentle reminder that the 15% Pre-Launch Offer is ending in 3 days time on 1 February.

Just 3 days (29, 30 and 31 January) to grab yourself a ONE-OFF massive 15% discount.

When you try it, you will love it. Customers' feedback on his tea have been ecstatic. You may also be surprised to learn that some even prefer this oolong tea to HQ's excellent tribute green tea:

See how Shane, Stig and Sigurd rave about this tea at

Kirsten's experience of drinking this tea illustrates why it is widely regarded in China as the most aromatic tea in the world.

Read how even her 12-year old son is into it...

In case you can't find it, the order page is at

Free Tea Books

Finally, this year's Chinese New Year is 7 February (New Moon day!). It marks the start of the year of RAT.

I will be taking a 2-week break to head off to Scotland for a meditation course (more fasting and tea!). So the next newsletter will be in middle of March - the start of the new tea season!

(I really do wonder how those tea plants are faring in the coldest Chinese winter in 50 years...)

To keep you company over the cold February, I have prepared 3 electronic books for your enjoyment...

To help you decide which book you want to read over a hot cup of tea, visit

If you want to download any of them, visit

Great! See you in March! There will be a surprise FRIENDS-ONLY launch of the Dragon Well Tea King...

Julian Tai

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