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Issue #109: Green Tea Season 2024 Has Arrived!
June 01, 2024

Solving Problems Every Tea Drinker Faces

1 June 2024
Issue #109: Green Tea Season 2024 Has Arrived!


>> Green Tea 2024 Season Has Arrived
>> Caffeine and Mental Clarity
>> I Need Your Feedback!

Hello my dearest tea friends worldwide. Here's my annual greeting as we enter green tea season 2024. Hope it has been a good year to you so far!

As usual, all our white and green teas have been restocked as we bring to you the highest quality tea buds at amazing prices.

Now come the good news. The 2024 season has turned out to be a good one with prevailing lower temperature during the harvesting season. Tea buds were able to take their own time to sprout resulting in higher theanine content, sweeter taste and fuller flavors.

Two teas that particular stand out this year are our flagship product Shifeng Longjing and the Mengding Ganlu green teas.

In addition, we also have several 2023 teas heftily discounted for quick sale. Most of our green tea are kept in freezer under -20 degree Celcius for maximum freshness so they are still very fresh.

Those going for super value might want to check out the Maofeng A grade and another best seller of ours this Golden Needle King jasmine scented green tea.

Caffeine and Mental Clarity
A reader asked recently which tea I would recommend if one is sensitive to caffeine. Personally I have found this Silver Needle White Tea - a rare first day harvest - to be deliciously gentle and uplifting due to its copious theanine content.

If you are after something even more elevating and meditational, coupled with mental focus and clarity, then nothing beat this Anji Baicha Green Tea.

Amazing Green Tea Shop

I Need Your Feedback!
We have nearly 800 customer reviews in the tea shop. You'll find them in the product pages. We are one happy tea community - but there is a problem.

That problem is me. Due to my lack of marketing, the business is running down and it could conceivably shut in a few years' time. I'll do my best to keep it going, offering more and better teas at reasonable prices, but I need your help!

If you are (or not) happy with my teas, why not take a minute to post your feedback to

It currently has a few feedback and only you can help me change that.

By providing me with your feedback, you can help revitalize this tea shop and help us continue to good work.

Any thoughts on this matter? Reply to this email or drop me a line in our Facebook page!

Amazing Green Tea Facebook

Julian Tai

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