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Issue #100: Stunning Brain and Mind Benefits of Green Tea (Free Shipping Offer)
November 23, 2019


Solving Problems Every Tea Drinker Faces

24 November 2019
Issue #99: Stunning Brain and Mind Benefits of Green Tea (Free Shipping Ending 15 December)


>> Brain/Mind Benefits of Green Tea
>> Free Shipping Offer
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A recent study published by scientific journal Aging found that people who drank green tea has more efficient brain function.

According to the lead scientist Feng Lei at NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine based in Singapore: “Our results offer the first evidence of positive contribution of tea drinking to brain structure, and suggest that drinking tea regularly has a protective effect against age-related decline in brain organisation”

“Take the analogy of road traffic as an example,” he said. “Consider brain regions as destinations, while the connections between brain regions are roads. When a road system is better organised, the movement of vehicles and passengers is more efficient and uses less resources.

“Similarly, when the connections between brain regions are more structured, information processing can be performed more efficiently.”

Dr Feng, who has previously published findings on the links between tea consumption and overall human health, added: “Our current results relating to brain network indirectly support our previous findings by showing that the positive effects of regular tea drinking are the result of improved brain organisation brought about by preventing disruption to interregional connections."

Green Tea Protect Brain Against Natural Aging

Now, as far as the mental benefits of green tea is concerned, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Do you know that the most highly prized green tea compound - theanine - promotes calmness, concentration, ability to learn and remember, as well as meditation?

Theanine Health Benefits More Than A Relaxant!

A 2009 study conducted by Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine showed that drinking green tea may help with stress. The scientists found that drinking green tea may reduce psychological stress by as much as 20%.

In another study of 42,093 Japanese individuals, 6.6% suffered from psychological stress. In those individuals suffering from stress, green tea consumption improved psychological well-being.

Another smaller study found that green tea drinkers were 44% less likely to suffer from depression symptoms.

Two 2007 breakthrough studies found that green tea regenerates damaged brain cells and is a viable treatment option for Alzheimer, Parkinson disease, and Multiple sclerosis patients.

Another 2017 study performed by Northwest A&F University in China found that green tea protects against memory loss. Junk food is considered high in saturated fat and sugar. Mice that consumed both junk food and green tea were protected against weight gain, diabetes and memory impairment. (Scroll down to Green Tea Benefits #6)

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