Wuyi Tea 7-In-1 Oolong Samplers
Tour of the Treasures

In this combination package, you get 7 Wuyi tea samplers. showcasing the best of roasted oolong.

As a tea drinker, my biggest concern is how to find the best tea. There are so many tea shops online nowadays - but which offers the most authentic experience?

The problem is especially acute for the the Wuyi Mountain. It is full of treasures, waiting to be discovered. It contains - literally - thousands of identified tea species.

Mother of oxidized teas, she gave rise to the world's first oolong tea and black tea (Lapsang Souchong).

With so many teas, how can one possibly get a grasp?

You can imagine this 7-in-1 Samplers as a tour guide. It comes with an introductory article for each Sample - helping to appreciate the wonders of the best of Wuyi.

Medicinal Quality

More than teas grown elsewhere, Wuyi tea is associated with medicinal healing.

Depending on the grade, the tea leaves can be infused 3 to 9 times. Each cup contains high levels of antioxidants and theanine.

(You can judge its quality by paying attention on how you feel afterwards. I am always surprised by its soothing and refreshing effects.)

Wuyi Mountain is not just a mountain with tea growing on it. It is a gigantic volcanic fault structure with meandering rivers, vertical cliffs, deep gorges, cave systems and flat plain.

The highest quality tea grows on the volcanic ashes of high mineral content, which explains the unique yanyun, or rock-like flavors. It has been found to be rich in potassium, manganese and other trace minerals.

Oxidized and Roasted

Broadly speaking, there are two kinds of tea.

Lightly oxidized teas such as the white tea and green tea are raw and uncooked. They are cooling and good for cleaning the system. I drink more of them during the spring and winter.

Heavily oxidized teas such as the Wuyi oolongs are roasted and cooked. They are warming and restorative. I drink more of them during the autumn and winter.

Energy Balancer

In everyday life, I use teas as a energy balancer.

For example, we have the tendency to consume too much cooling food during in summer, such as iced beverage, iced cream and raw salads. This can leave your body unprepared for the coldness and dryness of the winter, leading to problems later on.

When I am in need of some "fire", I seek out an Wuyi tea.

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