Too Much Green Tea

by Wayne

I drink 2 litres of bottled green tea daily. Is that too much?


2 litres of tea is roughly equal to 8 to 10 normal size cups a day. This is not unusual for a seasoned tea drinker (their bodies have adjusted to it), and I myself do drink that much daily. So the number of cups are fine, but it is the quality of green tea that I have a concern.

Bottled green tea can contain a lot of chemicals and quite little nutrients. Drinking too much can also lead to too much caffeine and fluroide.

Have a read at the Healthiest Green Tea article, and also Shen's article on Green Tea Energy Drinks.

Drinking 2 litres is not a concern as long as you are drinking quality, such as a good loose tea.

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Sep 17, 2009
Quantity of Green Tea

How many glasses of green tea can we drink daily for a woman?

Sep 18, 2009
How much to drink
by: Julian

Liz, if you are just starting to drink green tea, your body will need to adjust to the caffeine.

It is common for experts to recommend consumption of 300 milligrams of caffeine a day.

Based on a rule of thumb, this translates to 6 cups of tea a day.

It is a rough guideline. I think 3 to 6 cups, to me, will be a good starting point.

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Too Much Green Tea - 3 Reasons Why It's Harmful

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