Teavigo EGCG Extract
Best Green Tea Supplement?

Want the best green tea supplement? Introducing Teavigo EGCG extract from DSM Nutritional Products. This is the green tea extract used in many scientific studies.

The manufacturer, DSM Nutritional, is the grand-daddy of the supplements world. Formerly known as the Roche Vitamins and Fine Chemicals Division, the Swiss company has been making vitamins since 1935.

According to DSM, Teavigo provides the best of green tea in its purest form with a minimum of 94% purity on a dry basis! Made with the highest safety standard, this is the only green tea supplement that I have come across that is guaranteed to be free of caffeine, herbicide and pesticide residue.

Yes, let me say again, it is not only caffeine free, but also herbicide and pesticide free.

When buying Teavigo products, look for the Seal of Guarantee on the product label. This tells you that the manufacturer you are buying from used Teavigo green tea extract in their formula.

Chemical Ingredients

Minimum of 94% EGCG. Caffeine free.

Any other ingredients the manufacturer may choose to include in the herbal blend.


  • Highest purity (at least 94% EGCG)

  • Herbicide and pesticide free

  • Caffeine free

  • Tested by scientific community

  • Demonstrated health benefits

DSM's cutting edge research and close links with the scientific community means it gets tested extensively during scientific trials. All three studies below used Teavigo EGCG extract when testing for green tea health benefits.

Lose Weight

Dr. Sven Wolfrom (who wrote extensive on green tea and weight loss) conducted a mice study in 2005. He found that mice that consumed EGCG are significantly less likely to become obese by eating fatty food. He concluded "EGCG should be considered as a valuable natural treatment option for obesity."

Prevent Diabetes

The same team conducted another study in 2006. They found that EGCG significantly improved the conditions of rats suffering from type 2 diabetes. He concluded that "EGCG beneficially modifies glucose and lipid metabolism ... and enhances glucose tolerance in diabetic rodents."

Keep Fit

The Kao Corporation conducted a mice study in 2004. They discovered that EGCG improved endurance levels by 8% to 24% after a 10-week period. The results were particularly impressive because it was dose-dependent - i.e. mice that consumed more EGCG showed greater endurance improvement.


  • Beverage versus supplement
  • If bought as a standalone, it may lack synergy with other compounds

If you prefer taking supplements than drinking green tea, by all means go ahead. If you are still weighing the pros and cons, you can learn about the advantages and disadvantages at

Tea Supplements Versus Beverage

Drinking green tea helps to lose weight slowly. But when it comes to supplements, things get slightly complicated.

Scientists have found that EGCG synergizes with caffeine to promote thermogenesis (heat burning). This means that green tea compounds, when they interact with each other, are worth much more than the sum of their parts.

Just taking EGCG alone may not be as effective as drinking tea or taking an herbal blend.

A 2007 study conducted by Dr. Alison Hill of Queen's University in Ontario investigated if Teavigo EGCG extract can reduce abdominal fat in fat people. 38 people took 150 milligrams capsule of EGCG twice daily for 12 weeks.

Researchers found that those taking green tea extract have lower heart rate and blood sugar level. However, there is no evidence of fat loss. They concluded as follows:

loss of body fat ... may require a higher intake of EGCG, other catechins [tea compounds] or addition of metabolic stimulants [such as caffeine].


Teavigo EGCG extract is the only green tea supplement that I would recommend wholeheartedly. I like the fact that it is herbicide and pesticide free. I like its strong research capability and close links with scientists.

There are lots of low quality tea gardens in Asia. Without FDA approval, tea supplement manufacturers have every incentive to make a quick profit by selling cheap tea extract contaminated with pesticides. Products that come with Teavigo's Seal of Guarantee offer a real alternative.

If weight loss is your goal, look for a herbal blend rather than a standalone EGCG extract. Let the synergy between compounds work to your advantage!

Look for the Teavigo Seal of Guarantee. You want to know how much exactly EGCG you are getting. Just having "green tea extract' in the product label is just not good enough


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