Tea with Sugar Cause Stomach Problems and Acid Reflux!

by Peter
(Eden NSW Australia)

Coffee and Tea are great. However as with regards to sugar...

For the last 20 years I have suffered from reflux or upset stomach. Many doctors have prescribed reflux medication, some helped but nothing fixed the problem.

So after cleaning a drain with Bi Carb (Baking Soda) I thought I would try it on myself.

I took half a small teaspoon of bi carb in about an inch of water in a glass. This instantly fixed the reflux. (Great) and lasted for a week.

However over the years the daily dosage needed to keep the reflux in check rose to 5 teaspoons of bi-carb each day.

Finally in desperation I looked through the Internet. The cause of the reflux I had been having all those years was caused by sugar.

6 cups of coffee and tea each day with 2 spoons of sugar in each cup. That?s about 4000 yes four thousand spoonfuls a year. So I simply cut out sugar and soft drinks (No artificial sweeteners or chocolate) Since that day I have never had reflux or needed to take anything to combat it.

I still have the occasional unsweetened coffee or tea with never a problem.

Regards Peter (aquaman)

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