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My Top Three Recommendations

The three most memorable products in this tea shop.

Our tea shop is tiny. It has been five years since I first started this tea shop. So far we have only identified 23 teas to sell.

Every single one of them is special. To learn more, click on the navigation bar to your left.

If you are looking for an antioxidant rich cup of green or white tea, below are my top three recommendations:

Recommendation #1:
Yellow Mountain Everyday Organic


If you are starting out on drinking tea buds and is not too confident of your tasting ability, then you should try this green tea.

A surprise find for 2009, she is fresh tasting with nice flavors. The tea is also rich in antioxidants with good after-feeling.

Each 50-gram packet costs $7. Because this mid grade can be infused three times, 50 grams will yield about 50 cups at 14 cents per cup.

I have received 30 customer reviews so far. David from Massachusetts sums it up very well here:

This is a great tea for the price, the tea has a richness and a deep flavor that I would expect from a higher grade Maofeng tea.

Yellow Mountain Green Tea - Enchanting Orchid Fragrance

Recommendation #2:
Tribute Dragon Well 4-in-1 Samplers


Tribute Dragon Well green tea is our flagship product, coming directly from the site's co-founder - HQ - whose family owns three tea gardens catering for the Chinese White House.

When you order, you are drinking the same beverage as the Chinese White House. There is no dilution, blending and filling - it is as 100% authentic.

She gets top mark for flavors and health benefits. Containing high concentration of theanine and antioxidants, she is soothing, refreshing and harmoniously energizing.

Use only a tiny amount of leaves each time. You will be surprised how long each packet lasts. And how good it makes you feel afterwards.

We launched this product in 2007 and received more than 100 customers reviews so far. The feedback has been incredible.

Tribute Dragon Well (Longjing) - Finally! World's Best Green Tea Revealed

Recommendation #3:
Silver Needle Jipin Grade


Silver Needle is the highest quality white tea available in the marketplace. It consists of mostly tea buds harvested in spring.

Many people regard white tea as the most potent tea, as leaves are not rolled or roasted at high temperature, and so may contain the most potent antioxidants.

What I remember most about her?

This Jipin grade comes with the most incredible burgundy white liquor and sweet aftertaste. I was so mesmerized that I even felt a bit intoxicated afterwards.

I have received 75 customer reviews so far. Warren from Ontario sums it up very well here:

The quality/price factor on this tea is amazing! I've tried quite a few silver needles but this stuff is so fresh and tasty. 3-4 infusions and I still have a great cup of tea. Very impressed.

Silver Needle Tea (Fujian Baihao Yinzhen) - Best White Tea We Have Ever Had!

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