Jasmine Tea and Weight Loss - My Discovery

by Dale Daisy Kaplan
(Brooklyn, New York)

I started drinking pots of jasmine tea daily (hot and cold) because of the fragrant taste. Without being aware of the benefits, I noticed many physiological changes and then began to research the health benefits of the tea.

My experiences include: Loss of belly fat even though I added some organic brown sugar, decreased appetite. I stopped overeating. Also my interest in eating meat and white sugar has diminished greatly and I am now eating primarily plant based foods.

I have a lot of energy as well.

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Oct 12, 2010
Jasmine green tea really cuts my appetite!!
by: Leigh

I quit drinking coffee because I was way too sensitive to it, and bought organic Jasmine green tea. I can not believe how much of an appetite loss that I am experiencing!

I have drank green teas before, but never had this much of an appetite suppressing effect like this one!

I have been trying to lose about 15 Lbs. It has been very hard because I was craving a lot of gummy candy, but cut that out 6 weeks ago!

I have already lost a little weight, but because of this jasmine tea, I think I will lose much more!

So, I am a believer in certain types of teas for weight loss, like Oolong, as well as green tea!

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