How To Store Iced Green Tea

by Tina

I have read that oxidization lessens the benefits of green tea. Is it ok to boil and brew tea as done for hot tea and then chill it in fridge to drink all day?

Also, is it REALLY wrong to toss tea bags into boiling water? i find this makes it extra strong and i really like the taste. Does this decrease heath benefits?


Tina, thank you for asking these superb questions.

It is fine to brew and chill the green tea as you suggested. To be sure you are indeed minimising the oxidation, this is what I suggest:

- Try brewing your green tea in a glass. In this way, you can detect any oxidation through the browning effects.

- Now chill your tea as you suggested. If the tea hasn't browned or deteriorate in taste, then it is fine!

As for teabags, the reason experts recommend brewing at low temperature is because they turn bitter at high temperature.

There is nothing wrong with brewing your tea at high temperature.

But usually you will find that only high quality teas can withstand high temperature brewing without turning tannic.

If you like to drink your tea tannic, there is nothing wrong with that too.

However, I will recommend that you drink more of loose tea than teabags.

Here is why:

Loose Green Tea

Also, the higher quality green tea is more sweet and delicate rather than tannic.

Best Green Tea

I hope this helps. Please let me know if there is anything I can help.

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Jan 19, 2011
Iced green tea
by: Vic

If I brew green tea using tea bags, what color should it be when I pour it into a container to chill in the fridge?

Does chilling green tea reduce the health benefits?

Does adding a little sugar to brewed iced green tea reduce the health benefit?

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