How Much Green Tea Should You Drink Per Day?

by Miguel A. Leon
(Valencia, Spain)

I heard that the benefits of green tea can be perceived only if you drink such amount as one liter per day, but otherwise I read about the risk of anemia.

I am mostly vegetarian, so how much tea is advisable in my case?


Miguel, the most important measure of tea's health benefits is the amount of catechins you are ingesting, and not the widely quoted number of cups.

This is because scientists have found that the antioxidant potential of green tea correlates mostly highly with its catechins content.

The problem, of course, is most green teas sold in the West are tea bags, not loose-leaf, and so contain little antioxidants.

If you are drinking a quality green tea, in loose-leaf form, you only need to drink 3 to 6 cups a day.

I will suggest you start with 3 cups.

Anemia is something long term tea drinkers get used to (see link below). That's why I suggest to start slowly.

Avoid drinking tea with meals. In-between meals are recommended.

Green Tea and Anaemia

This means 3 grams of leaves infuse 3 times.

One gram of leaves would probably yield 10% catechins, giving you 300 milligrams of catechins a day, which is enough for most people.

This is assuming you are drinking a quality tea produced in China or Japan.

How do you know which tea is giving you health benefits?

It will be difficult to chemical test the product. Few farmers have the resources to conduct chemical testings. Tea quality is dependent on soil, climate and storage.

For this, I would recommend you look at the richness of flavors and how you feel afterwards.

Also, avoid flavored teas because they prevent you to taste teas "as it is" and they are usually made from poorer quality leaves.

Further information can be found at

How Much Green Tea to Drink for Health Benefits?

I hope this helps.


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