Green Tea And Hair Loss - Cause Or Cure Baldness?

by lmfmf kkmfm

Does green tea cause or cure baldness? Does it make you lose hair and make you bald?


Hey, studies regarding green tea and hair loss is limited and controversial, even contradictory. There are speculations that green tea can cause or even cure baldness, but no firm conclusions can be drawn.

One 2000 study has found that green tea reduces testosterone and DHT levels in humans, and therefore might reduce or cure baldness.

However, it is not conclusive because the authors of the same study say that the reduction may be associated with the weight loss caused by green tea.

There is also another study that found that green tea inhibits type I 5 AR in cells culture, which is responsible for converting testosterone to DHT.

Some marketers have claimed that this proved green tea can cure acne and hair loss.

However, this effect is only observed in cells culture. Similar results have not yet been observed in live animals. In fact, contradictory results are observed in animals.

There are animal studies that found that green tea increases thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH), LH, DHT and testosterone levels, all of which implies that green tea may cause baldness.

However, the effects of green tea on hormone is very complex and depend on many factors. These are animal studies involving rats, but no harmful effects have yet to be observed in humans.

So, where does this leave us?

To get any conclusive results, we need a good number of human studies. So we are not yet at that stage to draw a conclusion.

Does green tea cause hair loss? East Asians have been drinking green tea for thousands of years. So may be we can turn to the living tradition for some empirical evidence?

I have heard that drinking tea can help lose weight. I have heard that pregnant and PMS women should avoid drinking tea. I have heard that drinking tea at night can cause insomnia.

And yet, I have never heard that green tea can help or cause hair loss. If green tea does have such effects, then it probably is a subtle effect, and more than the others, needs to be proven by science.

Since scientific studies at present are contradictory, and there is a lack of human trials, we will have to wait longer to draw any conclusion.

I hope this is helpful.

Comments for Green Tea And Hair Loss - Cause Or Cure Baldness?

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Dec 13, 2009
Green tea is useless
by: Anonymous

After I drank green tea for a year, I have serious hair loss. Visit toilet many times a day and cannot sleep at night.

Aug 23, 2010
Green tea cause hairloss
by: Anonymous

From what I've experienced while drinking Green Tea for a year or so, I say, "Green Tea sure causes hair loss" and now I read this article I'm going to stop drinking it and wait for the results (hopefully the hair loss will stop.

Dec 22, 2010
Hair loss
by: Anonymous

I have been drinking about 5 cups of green tea a day for a month now and it actually seems to be thickening my hair. I haven't had a lot of hair loss though so that might be one reason but overall it has been causing hair growth.

Jan 30, 2011
Green tee and hair loss
by: Anonymous

I have a best friend who drinks green tea all day every day - she goes through about 3 kettles a day - which is a lot!! She has recently started noticing hair loss and is very upset.

I recommended that she stops drinking green tea or at least cut it down!

She only noticed hair growth after about a year or two, so it didn't show right away.

Of course. just letting people know the possible side affects since this upset my friend so much, i hope this news will help someone else with the same problem.

Apr 20, 2011
Drinking too much green tea can cause hair loss
by: Anonymous

I have been drinking a potent concoction of green tea and what did I observe, significant hair loss!

It is all about drinking green tea in moderation!

Aug 12, 2011
Green tea connection to hair loss
by: Anonymous

I have always had PMS and oily skin and hair, but Since drinking green tea for several weeks before noticing any changes,I have DEFINATELY seen an increase in the amount of oil produced, making my hair lank and greasy with a LOT of hair loss. So much so that im convinced if I continue to drink it, I will become bald!

I am left wondering that maybe if one already has underlying problems with hormones, maybe it makes the condition worse. This may explain perhaps why some people do not seem to have any adverse effects? Maybe it is only women it effects adversely,and not men, and maybe it is shedding to grow back stronger?

I will get back to you with the results, as I had my last mug of green tea last night.I'm not expecting immediate results so keep watching.

On the plus side I have noticed that my appetite has diminished and that adding milk to the tea prevented the Diarrhoea which I suffered with on first drinking it. I have noticed no weight loss.

Mar 04, 2012
by: Anonymous

I am so happy I came across this article - when I was younger (now I'm 25) I had wonderfully thick and strong hair! And now I have been drinking green tea in really large amounts (about 2l a day) and I have recognized that my haiur is weaker and weaker! I started cryig last time because I am afraid of androgenic ghair loss, I want to have thicker hair! And now my colkleaguew told me that green tea can decrease iron levels in blood apparently.

Now I stopped drinking green tea - as someone has said above - green tea is healthy but in MODERATION!

I have also hormonal issues so maybe this makes the matter even worse.

I am totally terrified and keep crying because my hair is in worse and worse condition. I hope that my hair will regrow soon.

May 24, 2012
Green tea and hair
by: Anonymous

My usually thick head of hair has gone noticeably thinner in the past month. I started to look at what I had been eating/drinking different.

For the past 6 months I have been drinking green tea, but only 2 mugs a day, I'm not that keen on the taste, but i have read that its supposed to be good for you.

I fail to see that 2 mugs would make any difference regarding hair loss, but I've stopped drinking it now and I'm hoping my hair will thicken up again.

Sep 02, 2013
Green tea contains Fluoride
by: Anonymous

Fluoride causes hair loss. So drinking too much green tea can be bad, so drink less than two cups a day.

Mar 15, 2015
Green Tea Cause Hair Loss
by: Anonymous

Note: I started drinking green tea as an 17 year old male.

For a period of 9 months I drank roughly 6 cups of green tea per day. I went from 180 pounds to 140 pounds. Hence, green tea significantly reduced my weight. I lost all my acne, all my limbs got skinnier, and I often had diarrhea. Additionally, my apetite was reduced, I had heart palpitations and I fainted twice.

Also, I had significant hair loss that has not been reversed by stopping green tea consumption. I had a receding hair line by age 18, that became significantly noticiable by age 21. After drinking green tea I suffered from depression that affected my schoolwork.

Now it has been 4 years since stopping green tea consumption, I have gained all the weight back and more (I currently weight 210 pounds), I have hair loss that rivals most 40 year old males and I still suffer from on and off depression.

Do yourself a favor and learn from my mistake. AVOID GREEN TEA AT ALL COSTS!!!!

Mar 18, 2015
loss of hair
by: Yvonne H.

My niece and I both loss our hair if we consume too much green tea.

Sep 25, 2015
Losing Hair till Baldness
by: Anonymous

I started drinking Green Tea everyday and sometimes after work. I've been losing some hair and all of a sudden I lost tons of Hair! Now I quit drinking Tea and my hair still falls out. But I take Thyroid Meds and BP!😹

Oct 23, 2015
Yes, Green Tea causes terrible hair loss!
by: Rakshana

I am drinking Green tea since a year. I have now noticed that I am losing bunches of hair when I have a hair bath. But actually I was having only 3 cups per day..(sometimes only 2) after 1 hour of meals.

I was in a bad mood these days that I lost all my beautiful thickened hair. After reading all your comments now I have come to a conclusion that GREEN TEA DEFINITELY IS BAD FOR YOUR HAIR. Stop having green tea if you want at least some strands of hair to stick onto your head..Most of the comments here are against green tea as it causes hair fall..I too agree the same..because now I am suffering..:(

I started drinking to lose my weight. before I was 65 kg and now after having green tea and some reasonable diet plan I have become 48-49 kgs. So if you're gonna lose weight you can have green tea...but it will definitely reduce the thickness of your hair. I am saying this as I am experiencing it now.

Finally I have now decided to stop this Green tea!

Feb 07, 2016
Green tie does cause hairloss
by: Alex

There is no baldness in my family at all. From great grandparents to parents. I incorporated green tea to my diet. I would drink it every day and after a month or two I finally was able to notice that my pillow was full of hair at night, also it was harder for me to sleep. I stopped smoking thinking that was the cause but nothing changed and my hair kept falling for other 3 months. I stopped drinking green tea because I was tired of it and it was kind of expensive. Thank god I did that. It has been about two months I stopped drinking green tea. From having a big softball size circle of baldness on my crown. I can hardly see baldness in that area I thought I had loss forever..... I hate green tea

in some of my videos you can see my hair changes

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