Drinking Green Tea First Thing In The Morning?

by Altctrlshiftc

Hi! I live in Singapore. I just made a trip to China and had a chance to buy Longjing green tea from MeijiaWu.

The lady gave us some tips, which I am not sure if I got it correctly so I would like to confirm with you.

She told us you could leave the tea overnight in the room temperature water and drink it the first thing the next morning on empty stomach.

I have also read some of your threads and one of it says:

"Personally, I drink 3 to 6 cups of Dragon Well tea first thing in the morning. A 2007 study conducted by the University of Arizona found that green tea cleanses the body by boosting the production of detoxifying enzyme GST. Morning is a good time for cleansing after a long night's rest."

Can I know do you prepare your Longjing tea in the previous night? same as the lady's recommendation, using room temperature water and letting them steep overnight?

I find that its bitter as its left overnight, and I only put one teaspoon of tea leaves and half a mug of water.

How you manage to prepare 3 to 6 cups? Do you eat some of the tea leaves down?

Many websites say its not good to drink tea that has been left long. I would like to find out if i am doing the wrong thing. Thank you so much!!!

Sorry for the long questions, am rather new to green tea and would like to drink them right! :)


Hey, the short answer to your question is that I don't recommend leaving your tea overnight (not especially green tea, especially if unrefridgerated), and I don't recommend brewing tea using room temperature water.

As for how I prepare my Longjing green tea, this is what I do:

- First thing morning, empty stomach
- 1 to 2 grams tea leaves (about 60 tea shoots per gram)
- 225 millimeter or 8 ounces glass tumbler
- boiling water
- infuse 3 times
- after infusing, pour over to a porcelain bowl to cool then drink.

Further information can be found here:

Brewing Loose Tea Tips and Tricks - Resource Center

I hope this helps.


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Jun 19, 2009
reply to Julian
by: altctrlshiftc

wow. thanks for the answer Julian! short and sweet to the point. :)

Jun 20, 2009
Queries again
by: altctrlshiftc

Oh hello again!

I have got additional questions. drinking on empty stomach on some on the posts you recommend not to -

"According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, drinking tea on empty stomach cause "coldness" to enter the lung and stomach system."

so what should we follow? drink it to detox or don't drink it to prevent "coldness"?

If we does drink on empty stomach, do you immediately eat your breakfast after that? is there any relation to the tea having an effect on the body's absorption of nutrients just like having the tea during/immedidately after meal?

Jun 21, 2009
Tea and Stomach
by: Julian

To put the cultural context on this subject, I think Asians are more sensitive to green tea compared to Westerners, in the same way that Asians tend to eat less cold and raw food compared to Westerners.

It is a well known fact among Chinese herbalists that for some people, more highly oxidized teas are better for the body compared to green tea. For example, Chinese red tea is preferred to green tea for older people, as it is more gentle on stomach and digestion.

So to answer your questions:

- If you are concerned about green tea upsetting your stomach, start by drinking green tea between meals.

- Green tea can block nutrition absorption. If you want to drink a tea with meals, oolong and red teas are recommended. They do so with a lesser degree.

- The body takes a few years to adjust to tea, so start slowly. Over a period of a few years, your body tolerance will increase, and the chances of side effects will greatly reduce.

Nov 29, 2010
Very happy person
by: Anonymous

I wake up at 5 in the morning to feed my husband breakfast and I took green tea on an empty stomach and I was wide awake feeling great, instead of always feeling if I don't take it.

Aug 01, 2012
by: Anonymous

Thanks for all this information.

Earlier I was taking Red tea with milk in the morning.
Lately, I started taking Green Tea first thing in the morning. I feel terribly nauseous for atleast half an hour. Is it natural to feel that way initially until the body is used to Green Tea?

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