Chinese Green Tea - Amount of Loose Tea to Use Per Cup

by Sue Simpson
(Port Perry, Ontario, Canada)

I have received my sampler packages of (3) Jipin, AAA, A grades Chinese Dragon Well green tea.

When reading it sounds like the samplers make 45 cups. How much loose tea do I put in a cup of boiled water?

How much does a bulk order or 4 month supply cost - shipped to Canada?


Sue, thank you for your order. You are right to say that the samplers can make 45 cups.

The samplers contain 30 grams of tea leaves. Tea tasting is highly subjective, but experienced drinkers would find this tea very flavourful (not tannic and roasted like the lower grades, but light, and yet rich and flavourful in its own subtle ways).

The recommendation is based on 2 grams of tea leaves a day. They can be brewed in an 8-ounce cup 3 times to make 3 cups. As your palate starts to recognise the natural flavours of tea (and not just the man-made roasted flavours), you may be able to infuse more times.

Now you are going to ask me how to measure out 2 grams of leaves. Now that is approximately equal to about 120 tea shoots.

Using the above dosage (2 grams a day), you will need about 60 grams for 1 month supply. HQ's Dragon Well tea starts at $14.95 per 50 gram. If you prefer the higher grades (AAA or Jipin), they are available at 15% discount bulk prices for order of 250 grams.

Further information on brewing can be found in Brewing Tea Resources

I provide shipping at a flat fee of $6.00 per order, regardless of weight and destination.

I hope this helps.


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