Adding Honey to Green Tea

by Amanda

I recently started drinking green tea and because I wanted to sweeten the taste and the health benefits of honey, I started adding honey to it. Will this in any way impact the health benefits of the green tea?


Amanda, not all at. Adding honey to green tea is a great way to consume them.

The only thing I have to add is that if you are drinking quality green tea, you don't really need to add honey. You can, but you would prefer not to.

This is because a quality green tea is fresh and sweet tasting, thank to its high theanine content, which is calming, decaffeinating and help to brain to concentrate with the task at hand. It is also a sign of quality of green tea.

(i.e. your green tea is much likelier to contain more antioxidants.)

So in conclusion, honey, and especially raw honey, is wholesome and very beneficial. But if you find your green tea too bland or bitter to taste, chances are it is low quality and due for an upgrade.

Both honey and green tea are covered in details in this site, and the left hand navigation on the left is a good place to start exploring them in more details.

Honey Health Benefits - 10 Reasons Why the Future Is Sweet

I hope this helps.


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Jan 08, 2011
I heard something bad about honey in green tea
by: Ken

I heard that honey was not good for green tea because something pronounced like lantahm or something similar to that spelling, destroys the benefits of green tea I hope it's wrong.

Jun 19, 2011
by: Susan

I would like to switch to green tea. Currently I consume black tea with milk and sugar twice a day. I have the problem of acidity. Will consuming green tea upset my stomach again?

Aug 13, 2011
Green tea and stomach
by: Julian

Hey, I wouldn't recommend green tea if you have problems with stomach and acidity.

Green tea, being the least processed tea, does upset the stomach. See article below:

Green Tea and Stomach Gastric Irritation - Indigestion and Heart Burn

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